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About a month ago I had spit out the words that have been bouncing around my brainwaves for almost a year or two now, “let’s start a magazine!” Without a single clue as to how to even start one, I created a Facebook page for Damnation Mag. in hopes that people would come flocking to the page. I suppose in a way they did, almost two weeks of being a page and already about 200 fans. I was happy, then I realized if I ever wanted to print, which I eventually do I might need something more than just a Facebook or Myspace page. Well I guess I also had a little help from my friends to realize that, especially since web space for a true website costs money, that of which as many of you know is hard to come by these days.

So here is my first attempt at a Blog, and I rather like the idea. It will help spread the word and for the most part its FREE!! Those of you that have come from the Facebook page probably already know this so for those of you that are new to Damnation Mag. here is the gist of what we are trying to do. We are a music magazine covering a vast majority of the many sub-genres of Rock and Metal music. “Sure” you say, “there are many music magazines out there, what makes you so different?”

Well for starters, while we might touch on some of the more well known bands around the world we also are going to focus a good amount of our energy on the underground and local scenes. As a music lover I have been to quite a few concerts, almost 100 per year and there have been too many to count that were empty, like 10 fans and the rest of the people were either workers of the venue or members of the bands playing empty. Whether or not its like that everywhere I don’t know, but what we aim to do is fill the smaller shows back up to what they used to be.

I know these times are hard but some of these smaller shows are the ones that count for the up and coming bands. When you think about it tickets are usually anywhere from $8-$15 for these shows and if you like the bands another $10 usually gets you either a cd or a shirt, sometimes both. You always get to hang out and talk with the bands at these shows, and contrary to what you may or may not thing most of these guys/girls are the most down to earth people you will meet. So I leave you with this, next time you are looking at the website for your smaller venues, pick a show or two, check out the bands playing via Myspace, if you like one song by any of the bands just go. These guys put their heart and soul into their music and no matter the crowd they always put on 110%. Trust me you won’t regret it!

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  1. As an older adult – and weaned on the Rock and Roll of the 70’s – I must say that I’ve finally rediscovered a wealth of music talent right here under my nose.

    Indie music couldn’t be better and I’m amazed at how sophisticated the music is. Not only is the music and lyric intelligent but the shows that support the music are incredible.

    I am now filling my music collection with those local band CDs! and enjoying the live entertainment they provide. I’ve even been known to take a road-trip or two just to see a few of my favorites. Quite a feat for someone my age.

    M. Teresa Clayton
    author of Mystic Verses


  2. damnationmag says:

    I am happy to hear that! Of course there are always the Local and National acts that will draw no matter what, but I speak more of the Locals and touring acts that don’t always have that crowd. I am glad to see though that you are filling your CD collection with bands of today and supporting them when they come through or close enough to where you can travel.


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