Marc Rizzo (of Soulfly/Cavalera Conspiracy) @ Fubar 1/18/10

Yesterday was a busy day for me. Not only did I work on about 4 hours of sleep from the night before, but I had decided last-minute that I was going to go to a concert later that night. For those of you that know me this isn’t that unusual, but for those of you that know me and or saw me yesterday I was in no shape to go to a concert as exhausted as I was. Work had gone by fairly slowly and I suppose that’s expected when you work in the county/city of Crestwood, MO. Anyway once I got home I did my daily routine of checking my Facebook and MySpace accounts, a few music news sites, and for the hell of it I went to Fubar’s (a small club in St. Louis) website. Really just to see if there was anything coming up, I had known there were a few shows this week just not the exact dates. To my surprise one of the concerts that I had waited for, Marc Rizzo of Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy was playing that night, I remember it was coming up just not so quick. Shortly after dinner I grabbed my camera and headed down to Fubar. Anticipation grew only to find out that the show didn’t start for another hour, and after that I still had to wait through a few local bands. Luckily the bar was showing The Watchmen, and it only seemed fitting that since I was wearing my Watchmen hoodie that I sit and watch until the show started.

The First band I gotta admit I don’t really remember their name, however I remember they were quite different with a banjo and I think bongos, still heavy and actually kind of awesome I stayed to watch a few songs, but grew very tired and needed to sit down. For those of you unfamiliar with Fubar, it is kind of split in two one small side that is just a bar and allows smoking and can fit about 250 people. The Venue side is much larger, no smoking has a bar area in the back and can probably fit about 400 or so. I went into the bar area and continued to watch the Watchmen from a booth. Missed the second band completely, caught most of the third band, Freak Accident, pretty solid metal band. . they went on stage around 9pm or so, at this time I had noticed that Marc and his band had arrived and were loading in their equipment.  Not totally there still I moved more toward the back of the crowd, found a chair and sat for the rest of Freak Accident’s set. They put on a great show I just had no energy. Once they finished I walked toward the bar area in the back and ran into Marc’s Bassist (Elo) and Drummer (Anthony), really nice guys I talked to Elo a little while about the Watchmen since he noticed my hoodie, introduced myself to them both and told them I would be taking pictures. Soon after I met Marc, he told me his left side was his good side followed with a chuckle, and proceeded to say ‘remind me to give you my email after the show so you can send me some pics. . I’ll put em up on the site.’

There was still one band left before Marc played, Vampire Mooose of St. Louis. They are actually really awesome, I dunno last night I just couldn’t get into them. Maybe it was the fact that I was ready to crawl into bed or maybe just because I was dying to see Marc play. Either way I sat at the bar and watched from there. They finished and finally it was the moment we had all been waiting for. Marc was setting up stage, only one technical difficulty, one of his heads had blown, good thing he had two or I have a feeling we might not have gotten to watch him play. I would say around 11pm they started to play, his set lasted for about an hour and a half and consisted of a variety of Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy and some of his own solo project songs with a few surprises. First surprise being his rendition of Van Halen’s Eruption which I would like to think he did better than Eddie Van Halen, but maybe thats just me. Second he brought out Ryan, singer of Vampire Mooose, to do a soulfly song. . . sorry I don’t remember which one it was (bad memory). Lastly after being told he had more time he played a lil Pantera. . thats right Marc and crew played ‘Mouth of War’ and I believe Dimebag would have been proud 🙂

Also Marc would like to let you all know:

1) He is still in Soulfly, this is just a lil something on the side, the new Soulfly album ‘Omen’ is due out in March with a tour expected in May.

2) Cavalera Conspiracy are going to enter the studio again probably around April

3) Marc’s 3rd solo cd ‘Leigonnaire’ is due out within the next couple of weeks

All in all going to that concert as exhausted as I was, was well worth it. Got some sweet pics and really enjoyed myself. Sorry this review is so bland it is my first one and well I tired yesterday as I have said a few times before so I don’t really remember much. Pictures will get added shortly!!

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