The Great Misdirect Tour

Headliner’s Music Hall – Louisville, KY – A+

A quick note to anyone attending this place, make sure to show up early (as in at least 30min earlier than doors) if you want to see an opening band (and this depends on the tour of course). The venues set up very nice, in the rear there is a sizeable bar that is slightly raised with a rail(a nice separation between the moshers and drinkers, this is a good thing!), and a good open mosh area that runs up to the stage with no awkward columns in the middle. To the side there are stairs running up to the balcony, where merch is sold (another good idea!) and a little lounge area (2 3-person couches) and if you beat the crowd, an excellent spot to watch all the bands and see it all. The stage is slightly raised and the sound was excellent! I will definitely not hesitate coming to this venue in the future!

Now for the tour:

Scale the Summit – unfortunately I only caught the last two songs being played in full (walked in while Dunes was finishing) but I did catch City in the Sky and Omni. Found a setlist online that said the other songs played were Age of the Tide, Sargasso Sea, The Great Plains, then Dunes. Listening to them outside was incredible, I couldn’t tell if their cd playing overhead or they were playing, until I got closer, absolutely flawless live.
Setlist (roughly in this order):

  1. Age of the Tide
  2. Sargasso Sea
  3. The Great Plains
  4. Dunes
  5. City in the Sky
  6. Omni

After the show, me and some friends got to meet up with members of StS (all of which are very cool, nice guys) and Chris Letchford let us in on future StS plans:
1) No more tours until June, to work on new cd
2) New cd will have a tab book, and MAYBE include a dvd
3) Chris will be releasing two more technique books, one being a lick book (and may include 7-string work in there this time)

The Devin Townsend Project – With the time allotment of about 35 min or so DTP powered through as much material as possible. In this case 5 songs spanning releases from his career. Energetic and witty as always Devin seemed a little more into it, seeing as this show was about half way through the tour he has had plenty of time to re-comfort himself on stage and did so wonderfully. I do hope he tours as a headliner soon or at least on a tour that will give him more time. I know BTBAM wanted to try to give him more time but I suppose there is only so much you can do. The setlist though short consisted of many of my favorites which is always a nice bonus, By Your Command, was definitely amazing to watch played live, made for a great closing song. . though I have talked to others that thought maybe he opened with that because it seemed that was the most tightly knit of the songs played? The set went as follows:

  1. Disruptr
  2. Supercrush!
  3. Kingdom
  4. Truth
  5. By Your Command

Cynic – Amazing. 2nd time seeing these guys and it is a treat. Great set too, all the songs I wanted to hear live. Somewhere in the middle of the set, Paul asked the crowd to hold their hands above their head held together with fingers pointed out, stretch in place the upper torso left, and hold, then right, then hold, then he said , “congratulations, you got your first free yoga lesson.” After the show, got to speak with Paul, (like StS, very laid back, an honor to talk to him!) and told me a little about his meditation practices (2 – 20 min sessions a day, relax and focus on the breath) and he mentioned Cynic is releasing a new EP soon. Ironically, they played a song of it the next tour date (Louisville didn’t give them enough time during sound check to practice it apparently). And for anyone lucky enough to catch a souncheck with Cynic, Tymon and Robin warm up with some Exivious (a band consising of members of Cynic and Textures) tunes…Record it if you ever get the chance!!!

  1. Nunc Fluens
  2. The Space For This
  3. Evolutionary Sleeper
  4. Celestial Voyage
  5. Veil of Maya
  6. Adam’s Murmur
  7. King of Those Who Know
  8. Nunc Stans
  9. Integral Birth

Between the Buried and Me – Amazing set! I can’t count the number of times I have seen these guys and, just like their CD releases, with each one they get better and better. The crowd intensity grew by 100% as we quickly went from a crowd of packaging peanuts standing around to a pack of sardines, moving was not an option. Being the headliner of the show BTBAM really delivered not only were they interacting with the crowd, but they were playing each song as clean and precise as though you were listening to their albums very loudly in your headphones. Now having seen them recently with Animals as Leaders, I wasn’t sure what to expect with their set but, with White Walls being an exception, I don’t think they repeated any other songs. Granted in the 1-1 1/2 hour set that they had, they only were able to play 7 songs (for those of you not familiar with BTBAM they are a progressive metal band most of the songs on this set were 8min or longer longest being 18min) therefore you still got your money’s worth with only a few songs played . To my surprise they even brought out their guest Vocalist, Chuck Johnson of Nightbear, during their song ‘Swim to the Moon’. The set went as follows:

  1. Obfuscation
  2. Disease, Injury, Madness
  3. More of Myself to Kill
  4. Ants of the Sky
  5. Alaska
  6. Swim to the Moon
  7. (encore) White Walls

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