Those Whom The Gods Detest Tour

The Beaumont Club – Kansas City, MO – A+

Another nicely set up venue. Very spacious in the inside, and in the rear are the merch tables and bar, a good distance away from all the action. There is a ramp that runs along the stage so you can catch the bands that way, or on the balconies to the left of the stage (facing the stage). If you go right and up this ramp, past the bathrooms, outside (during the summer) is an outdoors bar and side stage, as well as… Beach Volleyball??? Yes, they have two volleyball nets set up, at least 12 tables that extend on a wood deck in an L shape, so this is a little more than what your average venue holds.

Onto the metal!

Marasmus – although they didn’t announce their names at ANY time during their set, these guys set the mood for the night. A handful of damn good musicians, and the vocalist was able to command the crowd and didn’t just settle with one spot on stage. I ended up grabbing their cd after their set since there was a lot of cool riffs and great drum work that begged to be listened to again. Good death metal band overall, wouldn’t mind seeing them on a future tour.

Dreaming Dead – fronted by two female (yes I said female) guitarist’s, Elizabeth Elliott and Laura Christine, this band hails from California, and the ladies shred it up! The lead guitarist, Elizabeth, doubles with vocal duty, and I was impressed by her chops, not too bad on the lead work either. The only thing that I feel was holding back this band was the drummer, Michael Caffell, I felt he could have done a little less of the generic follow through on many parts and added more spice to it, but aside from that, give them a shot!

Krisiun – brutal!! The night was noticeably more intense from here on out. I was impressed with these guys live, serious shredding from, Moyses Kolesne, the guitarist and the drummer, Max Kolesne, was relentless, they fit the bill quite nicely.


  1. Kings of Killing
  2. Combustion Inferno
  3. Vicious Wrath
  4. Vengeance’s Revelation
  5. Sentenced Morning
  6. Hatred Inherit

Immolation – Time to kick it up a notch… I enjoyed more of the solo work by these guys, In my opinion a little more catchy than Krisiun, but to each their own, and still just as brutal.


  1. Passion Kill
  2. Swarm of Terror
  3. The Purge
  4. Den of Thieves
  5. Father, You’re Not a Father
  6. No Jesus, No Beast
  7. World Agony

Nile – epic and heavy. So far, Karl Sanders is the only guitarist I’ve seen live that has changed guitars and given horns the most. I wish I could speak with better wording, but epic and heavy are the only things that come to mind when I saw them. It was a phenomenal set, and watching the ridiculous shredding the entire set was quite a treat. I got a few words with Karl Sanders after the show, and he said “maybe in a few years” he will have a tour with his solo work under Karl Sanders.


  1. Kafir!
  2. Sacrifice Unto Sebek
  3. Serpent Headed Mask
  4. Ithyphallic
  5. Execration Text
  6. Papyrus…
  7. The 4th Era of Dagon
  8. Permitting the Noble Dead
  9. Sarcophagus
  10. Lashed to the Slave Stick
  11. Cast Down the Heretic
  12. Black Seeds of Vengeance

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