Straight From the Horses Mouth. . .

Soon a review will be posted for the Veil of Maya/Animals as Leaders/Circle of Contempt/Periphery show in St. Louis (which if you did not go, my condolences!) but some things that may be music to your ears…

I got to talk to a few guys around the show, Drummer Nevene from Animals as Leaders (ex-Drummer for Animosity and Guitarist of Fleshrot) along with Jake and Matt (Guitarist and Drummer of Periphery, respectively), and they had some neat things to share…

(NOTE: this is what I was told, things may change!) Summer Slaughter is going to be headlined by Decapitated. The Faceless will be on the bill, and AAL is un-confirmed but possibly may make it on there as well 😀   Alone that is worth going to!

Next AAL CD (may be awhile) will have “Nevene’s approach to drums instead of Misha (Periphery/Bulb) and Misha will probably work with Tosin on it.

Periphery may be on Thrash and Burn or some other big summer tour.

The djentlemen of Periphery were also kind enough to let me and a few friends hear clips of their CD which is dropping 4/20 from Sumerian Records, and Holy Sh*t it is jaw dropping!  Some ripping new solos were put in, along with perfect layering and placement of every note, this thing may be the best of 2010, no joke! It will be hard to top!  Not to mention Jeff Loomis (Nevermore guitarist) will be doing a guest solo as well on the CD!


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