Straight from the horses mouth

So I have been pretty busy going to many shows this week and at the last two Adam the singer for Oceano was just hangin out to catch his friends in Molotov Solution and Through the Eyes of the Dead play. He didn’t have much to say about the new album other than they have a few songs written, but I did get a little inside scoop that Oceano and Molotov Solution might do a tour sometime in the near future. I am pretty excited about that!!

Tonight I was talking with Mike the singer for Bury Your Dead and they are about 7 songs deep for their new album. He said it will be a little more aggressive than their last album “Its Nothing Personal” but still with a little melody. They are currently on tour with Otep, Through the Eyes of the Dead, and Destrophy, and have about 5 weeks left of this, they will go home for a little break and then come back out around May and do another U.S. tour with hopes of having the new album, still untitled, out around summer time.

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