Straight from the horses mouth..

Not naming names (as in the source, but it is from a touring musician) , sooo with that…

The “Summer Slaughter lineup” 2010 😀

The Faceless
Decrepit Birth
Veil of Maya
Animals as Leaders
Carnifex (maybe)
The Red Chord
All Shall Perish

and still more to be added.

Dates and announcements will be coming forth in the next few months!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. brody says:

    will it be touring UK this time ?


  2. damnationmag says:

    As of right now we don’t really know. . but as soon as we find out more we will keep you posted!


  3. AnataFan4Life says:

    2009’s line up was better IMO. Anyways, I have 3 questions:

    1.Where did you find this out from?
    2.Are there gonna be anymore bands besides those ten?
    3.If so, do you know who they are?


    1. damnationmag says:

      2009 had a pretty decent lineup!

      Can’t say since they probably weren’t supposed to tell us
      If there are more you will find out here we promise.


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