Straight from the horses mouth…

First off, a review for The Black Dahlia Murder/Obscura/Augury/Hatesphere tour is underway! And if you have a chance to go to this show, FRIGGIN GO!!! Augury and Obscura were top notch, but I digress, here is what I have to share…

Got to talk with Mathieu Marcotte (Augury/Humanoid guitarist) after a superb performance, and he mentioned another tour Augury will be on, with Soilwork, Swashbuckle, and Death Angel. This tour will be later in the year.  And even better news, Mathieu will be recording the 2nd Humanoid album later this year, and release late this year or early 2011!!!  Do yourself a favor and pick up Humanoid – Remembering Universe to hold you over until then!

Also I got to meet up with my favorite guitar teacher, Christian Muenzner (Obscura/ex-Necrophagist guitarist) and the rest of Obscura, all of whom are down to earth musicians, and I got some incite on new Obscura material!  One more note, Christian will be recording his solo album next year, it will be epic!

Hannes (Obscura drummer) will be incorporating more poly-rhythms on the new cd, roughly 70% of the new album was recorded on 7 string guitars, the songs will be more brutal and technical than Cosmogenesis and some very melodic parts.  Most of the album is already written, says Christian, he just wants to do song arrangements and final touches.  Recording will commence in June, and expect an early 2011 release for the album.  Jeroen Paul Thesseling (Obscura/Pestilence bassist) mentioned Obscura MAY be on a headliner tour next year, and possibly Summer Slaughter 2011!  Pestilence is going to be on tour within the next few months, and Jeroen will be joining them so check out that tour!


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