Polkadot Cadaver @ Cicero’s (Rotten Records Tour)

For those of you who haven’t experienced a night with Todd Smith (Polkadot Cadaver, Dog Fashion Disco, etc.) and gang you really don’t know what you are missing out on. First off for those that are unfamiliar with the band I will fill you in by saying they are an experimental hard rock band with some of the most catchy but morally wrong lyrics you will ever catch yourself singing along to! (ex: Chloroform girl how have you been, don’t let me catch you sleeping again, you’re only alive because I like you. Its been three years since you’ve seen the sunlight, but I know you’re having fun. . bound gagged, and chained up in my basement.)  We arrived at the venue around 6:30 in hopes that the doors were opening  at 7:00 but that was not the case. I mean it wasn’t Cicero’s fault, the bands just arrived a little later than they were supposed to for load in and sound check. However being in tight with the workers there we got to go in and claim our spots before the rest of the bunch, always good to have connections! Took a look at the Merch Table and there were tons of things to choose from, definitely had to make a trip to the ATM in order to get a few things.

Once the doors opened it was minutes away from the first band Ideamen to take stage.What a great stage presence, consisting of guitar, bass/vocal, keyboards/vocal, drummer and vocalist Ideamen was the perfect way to start off the night of chaos. Reminiscent of the band Tub Ring (ironic because they are both from Chicago) they went up on stage and totally tore it up. Their singer Dave Solar reminded me of a modern day Jesus (long hair, beard, etc.) that is if Jesus were to ever sing in a rock band. Ideamen were very full of energy jumping around and going crazy on stage, very interactive with the crowd as well, especially for a band that hadn’t played in STL before. I am not too sure of their set list and the only song I can think of the name of that they played was “Interesting Times” the title track of their newest album. I will have to ask one of the guys what their set was if I ever see them online and post it up here.

Next up was St. Louis local Vampire Mooose. Great Experimental/Hardcore/Metal band, opens for a lot of different touring acts and pretty recently signed to Rotten Records. They did play one of my favorite songs of theirs “Spider-man vs. Venom”. You can tell they are devoted to what they do and they are good at it just by watching their every movement on stage and talking to them off stage. Again though I don’t really know too much of their stuff so let’s get to what we all want to hear about shall we?

Polkadot Cadaver consists of 3/5 of Dog Fashion Disco so right off the bat you know you are about to experience something amazing the second they take stage. Kicking off the night with “Purgatory Dance Party”, the title track off their debut album, got everyone on their feet and jumping around erupting into complete chaos til the end of the show. Throughout their set there were many memorable moments including ‘tiggo bugger bitties’, their covers of Dead Kennedy’s “Holiday in Cambodia” and Talking Heads “Psycho Killer”, the sing-a-long to “Chloroform Girl” (there is something awesomely wrong about 200+ people singing ‘you look just like a zombie, inches from dead and pretty, with purple flowers in your hair) as well as their concluding the set with three DFD songs”Love Song For A Witch, Headless, and The Acid Memoirs.” They even handed myslf and booger boobs a shot of Gold Schlager, I really couldn’t complain! Their stage presence is just all over the place feeding to the crowd is what they are all about. If you ever get a chance to catch their show do yourself a favor and go, over and over again! All in all it was an excellent set, I wish I could watch it all the time, or better yet I wish I had money to go to their Dog Fashion Disco reunion show featuring Knives Out! (another band featuring Todd Smith on vocals and members of DFD/Nothingface/Hell Yeah) and Polkadot Cadaver that is taking place in their hometown of Baltimore, MD on April 17th. Here was their setlist for the show:

Purgatory Dance Party
What’s the Worst Thing That Could Happen?
Holiday in Cambodia (Dead Kennedy’s Cover)
Bring Me the Head of Andy Warhol
Phantom Limb
A Wolf in Jesus Skin
Chloroform Girl
Psycho Killer (Talking Heads Cover)/ Long Strange Trip to Paradise

Love Song For a Witch
The Acid Memoirs

If you are bored and looking for something to do one night, check your local newspapers for the “Rotten Records Tour” and just go. I guarantee you will have a good time, one band that didn’t get to play our show due to van problems was Karen Page, don’t be thrown off by the name, it is not a woman fronted band or solo acoustic show by any means. They are a 5 piece band, very experimental and extremely awesome so get there early. Remaining dates include:

Mar 18 2010     8:00P
The Conservatory     Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Mar 19 2010     8:00P
?????     ????? *cough* secret show at SXSW *cough*  Austin, Texas
Mar 20 2010     5:00P
Lucky Lounge     Austin, Texas
Mar 21 2010     8:00P
The Boiler Room     Denton, Texas
Mar 23 2010     8:00P
Vino’s     Little Rock, Arkansas
Mar 24 2010     8:00P
P.V.F.     Memphis, Tennessee
Mar 25 2010     8:00P
The Muse     Nashville, Tennessee
Mar 26 2010     8:00P
Bernie’s     Columbus, Ohio
Mar 27 2010     8:00P
Yesterday’s     Wheeling, West Virginia
Apr 17 2010     8:00P
The Ottobar     Baltimore, Maryland

Little fun facts found throughout the night while talking with Todd and other guys from the bands:

  1. Knives Out! full length album is due out sometime over the summer, expect heavy touring with this band
  2. Polkadot Cadaver has a number of songs written for second album, to begin recording in the summer and possibly out late fall (Oct./Nov.)
  3. The song ‘Dead Virgins Don’t Sing’ on Dog Fashion Disco’s “Adultry” album (the one where he sounds like Hilter at the end) there was a band recording in the room next to them and they were invited to do the intro part of the song (Eat for this is my body, etc.). The crowd cheers heard at the end were excerpts from a Brazilian soccer game. and yes he did study many Hitler speeches in order to get that last part down “WILL YOU DIE FOR ME”
  4. The very first Dog Fashion Disco show they opened for Psychopathic Records band Twiztid in Mesa, AZ (at this show before their first song the keyboards were covered in spit, Todd popped a squat and pooped on a plate (preparing the band to get ready to run), told the crowd either give us a chance or you get poo thrown at you. Crowd responds “bring on the shit” so he throws the plate at them first 2 rows covered in poo. They run outside to a squad of police pointing machine guns at them, Todd explains they have 800 angry people wanting to kill them, tells the story, and the police help them load off their equipment)
  5. Tub Ring’s new album is almost done and is aparently very amazing stuff
  6. I was told not to worry, even though Polkadot Cadaver only signed a 2 album contract they will be doing more than that
  7. If you go to the DFD reunion show they are gonna be doing about 10 songs from each band

Thats about all I got, nothing too juicy but all very interesting. Pictures will be up on the facebook page shortly!

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