Band Spotlight: Evig Natt (Eternal Night)

A 10-minute “teaser” for “Darkland”, the forthcoming sophomore album from EVIG NATT (“Eternal Night” in English) — the Norwegian extreme gothic metal band featuring former/current members of ENSLAVED, EINHERJER, THUNDRA and REISM — is available below.

“Darkland” will be released via Black Bards Entertainment on the following dates:

German, Austria, Switzerland – April 9
Rest Of Europe – April 12

“Darkland” was recorded at Black Dimension Studio. According to bassist/songwriter Stein Sund (THUNDRA, ex-EINHERJER), the new CD “will be even heavier and darker than [2007’s] ‘I Am Silence’, but still with haunting, beautiful melodies.” He added, “We have also recruited a new male vocalist, Oskar Naley, who’s got an amazing voice, which together with Kirsten Jorgensen, fulfill the unique EVIG NATT sound.”

“I Am Silence” was released in 2007 through a small label caled Omvina Records. The CD was recorded at Black Dimension Studio with help from THUNDRA members Harald Magne Revheim (drums), Thor Erik Helgesen (guitar) and Rune Fredriksen (lead guitar). Additional guest vocals were provided by Thomas Ljosaak from the Norwegian thrashers VESEN.

According to EVIG NATT, the band’s music is influenced by MY DYING BRIDE and ANATHEMA, but with a different and more extreme approach.

For more information and sound clips, visit

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