Setlist from the Soundgarden show in Seattle

Soundgarden took to the stage for their first performance since 1997 at the Showbox at the Market under the guise of Nudedragons last night (April 16th) in Seattle, Washington. A strict no camera/recording device policy was enforced for the show, though it doesnt look to have been entirely successful as audio bootlegs purported to be of the performance have reportedly begun making the rounds on torrent sites.

For now, the setlist for the show, can be found below:

01 — “Spoonman
02 — “Gun
03 — “Searching With My Good Eye Closed
04 — “Rusty Cage
05 — “Beyond The Wheel
06 — “Flower
07 — “Ugly Truth
08 — “Fell On Black Days
09 — “Hunted Down
10 — “Nothing To Say
11 — “Loud Love
12 — “Blow Up The Outside World
13 — “Pretty Noose
14 — “Outshined
15 — “Slaves And Bulldozers


16 — “Get On The Snake
17 — “Big Dumb Sex
18 — “Waiting For The Sun” (The Doors cover)

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