Band spotlight: Trepalium

Many of you know the Metal scene in France is slowly but surely making its way into the American threshold. Starting with the massive Gojira things have been looking up for the country after their success story. Lately more and more bands have been venturing overseas from their homeland in many cases these are the first dates out of France, I am speaking of bands like Hypnose and Nightshade (still waiting for Hacride) to name a few. But there is still one band out there that could dominate the U.S. with their Jazz fusion Death Metal techniques and I believe they would be neck and neck with Gojira as far as their popularity goes. Their name Trepalium:

Named after an ancient torture device, TREPALIUM sure know how to crush bones with their technical, multi-faceted yet wrenching death metal. In Latin, “trepalium” also means “labour”, a concept the French band knows more than well, being referred to as one of the best live performers of their generation. Since its creation TREPALIUM has been a member of the Klonosphere, a group of French metal bands featuring KLONE, HACRIDE, MISTAKEN ELEMENT and many other acts who are not afraid to cross the boundaries and bring metal to a new dimension of diversity, technicality and energy.

Within two albums and about a hundred concerts, TREPALIUM became a reference in the French extreme scene, sharing the stage with international renowned bands (Gojira, Misanthrope, Anorexia nervosa, Aborted, No return, Supuration, Behemoth, Malevolent creation, Krisiun, Blockheads, Comity, Scarve, Incantation, The Exploited) and was featured on major festivals such as Fury Fest, Hellfest and Brutal Assault.

Recorded and mixed by Sylvain Biguet (who already co-recorded “Alchemik Clockwork of Disorder”) and mastered at Thibeault Chaumont’s Deviant Lab studio, third album “XIII” will also surprise with the quality and the clearness of its production, revealing the width of TREPALIUM’s musical influences more than ever. The warm, powerful, sharper and more acoustic sound will remain as the band’s trademark.

Debut and sophomore albums “Through the Absurd” (2004) and “Alchemik Clockwork of Disorder” (2006), both released on Holy records, already showed a very mature band. Mixing jazz-funk rhythms and noise sounds to an extremely groovy death metal, TREPALIUM is now about to unleash “XIII” (2009), definitely a future spearhead for the power death metal genre.

I stumbled upon Trepalium around a year ago when their latest album XIII dropped, I checked it out mainly because the cover art was crazy looking (See below). I was a little sketchy at first because I mean I kept reading in gojira interviews that coming out of france was hard because most bands sang in French and weren’t willing to translate over to English. To be 100% honest I wasn’t expecting much, but from the get go the opening track ‘Daddy’s Happy’ though the title  sounds kinda goofy don’t let the name fool you this has some extremely crazy elements mixed into it but I think the song that really gets me going is the second track ‘Glowing Cloud’ regardless I was extremely happy with my find and am currently in search for all three albums to have a hard copy of, these guys are gonna be huge I can tell.

XIII Cover art:

Sick Boogie Murder (off of Alchemik Clockwork of Disorder)

Inner Hell (From XIII)

Glowing Cloud (From XIII)

One can only hope they bring their act over here, I personally would love to see a French Metal tour (Gojira, Trepalium, Hacride) would be brutal as hell. . . I hope you enjoy these guys as much as I do, this won’t be the last you hear of them I guarantee you that.

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