Blast from the past concert review: Korn Lollapalooza ’97

July 4, 1997
Canada’s Wonderland
Vaughan, Ontario

For reasons that were never officially revealed, the 1997 installment of Lollapalooza was moved from Barrie, Ont.’s Molson Park to a theatre housed within nearby theme park, Canada’s Wonderland.

Upon arrival, I was shocked to discover that, though the venue was still outside, the theatre had assigned seating; rows upon rows of connected plastic chairs were fastened to its concrete floor. (You read that correctly — assigned seating at Lollapalooza).

The first half of the day was relatively uneventful, but by late afternoon, we were all considerably soused and getting [sick] of the chairs. Then Korn took to the stage and all hell broke loose.

I watched (from a safe distance) with a mix of horror and delight as an undulating mass of goateed Korn fans flooded through the aisles to the front of the stage and started tearing strips of bolted-down chairs out of the concrete. Rivets, chunks of rock and entire rows of joined chairs began flying through the air as the frenzied mob worked at clearing enough room to create a mosh pit. They threw the chairs at each other, at fleeing spectators, and eventually at Korn, who had to stop playing and tell everyone to calm down.

The mosh pit was birthed, but at a price. After Korn finished, security was beefed up at all the entrances and we were told if we left the main stage area, we might not be allowed back in again. That meant no more visits to the second stage and worse than that, no more beer, which made for a miserable rest of the night.

It was the first and last Lollapalooza held at Canada’s Wonderland (and also the last time Lollapalooza came to Canada). It’s hard to believe someone actually thought mixing this show with this venue was a good idea.

This was an idea I had when starting this magazine up. . . finding old concert reviews and posting them up on here. I was checking out Korn news on a fansite ( and they had just posted this one and I thought what better way to start this idea up than with a band that I love so much. Keep your ears and eyes peeled May 4th for Korn’s first single “Oildale (Leave Me Alone)” to hit the radio and internet. Their new album ‘Remember Who You Are’ is due out July 13.

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