Word of Mouth: Tool Album Update

Ok so I don’t know how much of this is true, but I was working tonight and talking a lil metal with someone looking through the cd’s. He seemed pretty knowledgeble, speaking of different metal shows we had gone to as well as various metal news sites, and all the sudden we got on the topic of the Tool show that is coming up. We discussed how the price is pretty steep but almost always worth it and he said the only reason he was thinking of going is because their new album would be out a couple weeks before the show. I thought to myself wow that seems quick since they just went into the studio and our date was about a month away, but thats when he said “oh wait I’m going to the show in San Diego (or some West Coast show) and thats in August, oh and by the way the album is due in August” I asked where he got his info from an he couldn’t really tell me.

The only way he would have any type of info like that is if he talked to a band member and well the first thing that popped in my head was Puscifer recently toured, maybe he caught one of those shows and talked to the man himself?? Anyway while I can not verify this information just yet I can guarantee its the closest we will get to some sort of hard news to the new Tool cd!!

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