Korn samples “Pop a Pill”, “Let the Guilt Go”, “The Past” and album review

Video and review were both found on Kornspace.com

To all those who do not know me, my name is Stoner.  I have been a serious KoRn fan since from the jump but preferred to stay behind the scenes.  I’ve always maintained the utmost respect for the band and their music but over the years the sound just didn’t agree with me.  Now that KoRn has been hard at work producing a new album and utilizing appropriate business relationships, I’ve been counting the days to hear the end result.  I was able to hear snips of the upcoming album during the Lewiston, ME show but nothing compared to what I heard tonight.

I was fortunate enough to attend the playback of KoRn’s next and highly anticipated album: “KoRn III: Remember Who You Are.”  It was held at the Gibson Studio in New York City and hosted by RoadRunner Records.  It was truly a magical night for me since I have been dying to hear the new album in it’s entirety and by chance was able to do so tonight.  Here is my complete review, track by track:

1. Uber-time – this is a spoken word that leads into

2. Oildale (Leave Me Alone) – I am absolutely in love with this song.  I’m sure we all heard it a millions times already.  Very “in yo face” no motherfucking nonsense, KoRn back to their roots and then some.  What can I say that hasn’t already been said?

3. Pop A Pill – The guitar track is extremely raw in the sense you hear most of the movement on the fret which brings the song to life.  The track is completey fluid and you can tell it was recorded in one straight shot, as opposed to takes.  This song is a great introduction to how heavy the album will be and keeping very true to their roots.  This track has an almost A.D.I.D.A.S era vibe.  Again I can’t stress how raw the guitar sounds.  You hear every stroke, vibration, the reverb; it’s almost as if you are there with them.

4. Fear Is A Place To Live – This song is a bit more eclectic in the sense of the bands true evolution.  It’s as if they understood the progression they went through and collectively brought it forth for the album.  It would not surprise if this track had substantial radio play.

5. Move On – You want Drums and Bass?  This song is the epitomy of what drums and Bass should sound like.  As MazeHaze suggested in Maine, Fieldy’s bass is complimented by Ray’s drums and with the two of them, this band is unstopable.  There is an old skool twist with a new age vibe and it emphasises their ability to move with the times and consistantly contribute and inspire the new sound we have ALL been aching for.  By the way, Ray is the mac on this track

6. Lead The Parade – I know I am beating this with a dead stick but what can I say other than these guys are constantly delivering on their promise.  This is the first time in many years the album progression and tracks have complimented eachother.  I find myself enjoying every song more than the last and that has not been the case in a while.  This can also be a possible single.

7. Let The Guilt Go – This was the first song that stuck with me since Maine.  I have been singing it in my head and of course, once I was able to heal the fein by listening once more I had to sing aloud.  This is one of my favorites on the album, great candidate for radio play and a HUGE transition (leading you to understanding their growth from the past to present).  This track lets you know the boys are serious and are here to stay (wink wink).  Oh, did I also mention I LOVE this track?

8. The Past – Did someone say Pit and 1/2?  Brutal is the only adjective that comes to mind.  If Fieldy slapped his bass any harder, I would have had an orgasm off the vibration alone.  JD sounds incredible and his vocals are mesmorizing.  The sound will have you thinking you are listening to the self-titled.  As suggested in the actual lyric: “you just take from the past” is seems as though they have done exactly that, and built on that.  Very heavy breakdowns and will leave you bloody.

9. Never Around – This is another track that brings you back to the days of the self-titled but brings forth a more intricate sound.  JD vocals are so raw and could suggest he’s blown his vocals during recording.  This only gives the track its distinct sound.  While listening to this track, all I saw was red.  Despite a lighter sound than the rest of the tracks, it’s still full of anger and brutality.

10. Are You Ready To Live? – Throughout the entire album, you can hear the jazz measurements being used but it seems to shine through in this track moreso.  The entire time I had a huge smile on my face as the album makes it way to a close.  The intensity, the passion and raw emotion excuded in this track just leads me to euphoria.  I love the vocals.

11. Holding All These Lies – This was a wonderful way to close the album.  This track leaves you appreciating the bands journey as a whole and leaves them moving forward on a high note.  I for one expect to hear this song on an upcoming soundtrack.  Again one of my top favs.

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