36 Crazyfists announce track listing for new album

36 Crazyfists have set “Collisions And Castaways” as the title to their new album which will see a July 27th North American release date through Ferret Music and a June 26th European release through Roadrunner. The track listing for the outing, which was produced by band guitarist Steve Holt and will sport mixing by Andy Sneap (Megadeth, Opeth), runs as follows:

01 – “In The Midnights
02 – “Trenches
03 – “Whitewater
04 – “Mercy And Grace
05 – “Anchors” (feat. Adam Jackson of Twelve Tribes fame and Raithon Clay of Plans To Make Perfect)
06 – “Death Renames The Light
07 – “Waterhaul II
08 – “Reviver
09 – “Long Roads To Late Nights
10 – “The Deserter” (feat. Brandon Davis of Across The Sun)
11 – “Caving In Spirals

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