Behind the scenes footage of Blind Guardian recording new album

German power metallers BLIND GUARDIAN will release their new album, “At The Edge Of Time”, late summer via Nuclear Blast Records. A single, “A Voice In The Dark”, will precede the full-length CD on June 25.

“At The Edge Of Time” track listing:

01. Sacred Worlds (9:17)
02. Tanelorn (5:58)
03. Road Of No Release (6:30)
04. Ride Into Obsession (4:46)
05. Curse My Name (5:52)
06. Valkyries (6:38)
07. Control The Divine (5:26)
08. War Of The Thrones (4:55)
09. A Voice In The Dark (5:41)
10. Wheel Of Time (8:55)

The fourth in a series of video clips featuring behind-the-scenes footage from the recording sessions for the CD can be viewed below.

Photos from the “At The Edge Of Time” recording sessions can be found at

Check out the album artwork below.

“A Voice In The Dark” track listing:

01. A Voice In The Dark (5:45)
02. You’re The Voice (4:43)
03. War Of The Thrones (5:20)

Audio Sample “A Voice In The Dark”:

In a recent online posting, BLIND GUARDIAN vocalist Hansi Kürsch stated about the band’s forthcoming CD, “This will be our most bombastic and epic album so far. Whether there will be 8 or 9 songs on the album I do not know, by now. But each and every song has a completely different approach in comparison to each other and one complements the other in a perfect way.”

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