Album Spotlight: Remembering Universe by Humanoid

Originating from Abitibi, in the north of Quebec, Canada, Mathieu Marcotte started playing guitar in 1990 at the age of 14. His growing passion for both metal and classical music inspired him to compose with electrical and classical guitars at the same time. After putting together a few compositions, he decided, accompanied by local musicians, to form the death metal band “Spasme”, who during their 7 years of existence, were known by touring throughout Quebec. Two recordings were produced by the band, that is to say the demo “Traumatism” (Indie, 1995) and the album “Deep Inside” (Neoblast rec, 1999 / Galy rec, 2001).

2001 marked the beginning of a new era as Mathieu chose to quit the formation “Spasme” to concentrate on the elaboration of a new group. It is with the collaboration of experimented and talented musicians from the Quebec metal scene that he founded “Augury” in 2002, an extreme/ progressive/ metal band. Weaving a musical style proper to themselves, “Augury” is noticed internationally with the release of “Concealed” (Galy Records, 2004), album which was worthy of a nomination at the MIMI’S gala in Montreal and an excellent reception from critics, medias and fans of metal music throughout the world. Two Canadian tours took place thereafter with “Quo Vadis” and “Unexpect”, respectively in 2005 and 2006. During this intense period where the band played many shows, they took the time to record a “promo-ep” consisting of two new tracks and release the European version of “Concealed” on Adipocère Records.

A research of sound, combined with great musical curiosity, led Mathieu to develop an idea in the beginning of 2006: Set-up an acoustic project combining all of his progressive, classical and metal influences.

“HUMANOID” , is the new instrumental solo project of Mathieu Marcotte. On this album, the guitar is treated as an orchestra creating dynamics and textured effects which interweave with one another. These acoustic / space / metal songs with varied influences such as: “Cynic, Pink Floyd and Opeth” are enriched by the collaboration of these guests:

Dominic “Forest” Lapointe, from the bands “Augury, Quo vadis and Atheretic”, on fretless bass. Chaoth, from the band “Unexpect”, on 9 string bass. Tommy Mckinnon, from the band “Neuraxis”, on percussions and weirdnesses.


Martin Lacroix : Cover artwork. Michel “Away” Langevin : Inner illustrations. Hugues Deslauriers : sound engineer/ producer.

The CD is a must have for any fans of ambient/progressive instrumental pieces of high caliber.  Mathieu states on the band’s Myspace page that he is working on a second Humanoid album (as well as new Augury material) this year, so now is the time to pick up this album and be ready to travel on the waves of the universe in preparation for new material!

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