Mastodon prepping Jonah Hex Ep for release

Mastodon are prepping a six song EP featuring material from their score for the upcoming film “Jonah Hex“. The group worked with composers Marco Beltrami and John Powell on the score, in what proved to be a somewhat messy process.

The EP will see a release on June 29th and will feature the tracks “Death March“, “Clayton Boys“, “Indian Theme” and “Train Assault“. Two bonus versions will grace the digital versions of the release.

The official press release offered the following glimpse into the score:

“For their first venture into the realm of film, Mastodon would record the tracks spontaneously while viewing the movie footage, proving to be a daring and daunting way of creating music together over a short period of time. The resulting sessions yielded incredibly exciting results produced in a completely different way than they normally would approach writing and recording for a Mastodon album.”

Jonah Hex” will open in theaters tomorrow, June 18th.

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