Borgore – 6/18/2010 – Saint Louis Skatium (St. Louis, MO)

Saint Louis Skatium

Interesting venue choice for a dubstep show (for those new to the term dubstep, one way it can be described is a metal version of electronic), but who said you can’t skate to dubstep right?

There was a fire juggler during this show, people skating, artists drawing, girls dancing with hula hoops, and stands selling necklaces which made this feel like a mini-festival.

I dig the venue, and will be happy to dance my ass off again in it.  The sound was good and the atmosphere was great 😀

Rating: A

Not in the correct order, but these were the artists that spun that night:

Borgore/STLDUB/D. Jaizen/Charlie Bro (a.k.a Ruckus)/Jen Z/Alex Hendrix
I primarily came for Borgore (drummer for metal Israel band and dubstep DJ)  but all these guys did a phenomenal job, and there was constant movin’ and groovin’ throughout the night. I will keep this short and only review one artist, but if you are into this music, check them ALL out!


This guy spun many of his tracks on his cd Gorestep’s Most Hated and new EP Borgore Ruined Dubstep Part 1 along with other tracks. There was a point where the Bor took a quick break from the dubstep and started spinning Lamb of God’s “Now You’ve Got Something to Die For” and started headbanging crazily, while a mosh pit emerged from nowhere and consumed half the crowd! After a few minutes he transitioned that very smoothly back into dance-mode, and he flipped on the “metal” switch two more times during his set ( he seemed to play around 2 or 3 hours, it is a little difficult to tell when you are enjoying every moment).

There isn’t much else to say here, if you haven’t experienced a dubstep show like this, you truly won’t understand what I’m even talking about.
So check it out, you may find yourself like in my position and found something possibly more addicting than metal!

Screw ratings, Borgore killed dubstep that night!


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