Tool – 6/19/2010 Lakefront Arena (New Orleans, LA)

This is my first time seeing Tool, so driving 12 hours between 3 other people right after seeing an epic dubstep show with Borgore the night before (the journey started for us at 3:40am, so we drove through the night/day until we arrived in Louisiana) makes this so much more valuable than I can describe with human words.

Lakefront Arena

This venue is apparently used for school functions mostly, at least from the locals I was told this, since most were struck in awe that there was a show there that day.  The venue is set up with a floor area and seating around, like most arena venues.  The sound was excellent (we had upper floor tickets, but as it worked out, we had a great view of the entire band and all the visuals, not to mention we came in right after the opener and before Tool started, so it all worked out 😀  ) and I was surprised to see the General Admission floor was all sitting.

I don’t know how many shows will come here in the future, but it isn’t a bad venue by any means.

Rating: A


I can only imagine Tool fans came across the music for many different reasons (artwork, symbolism, metaphysical messages, music, etc) , and I can only hope that people walked away from this show seeing every aspect of this band, since there is something greater that is being presented than just a bunch of musicians playing a live show..

The show starts with a video of a head (presumably Maynard’s) repeating some phrase, I remember the last part of the phrase was “Question Authority,” and a few minutes of this, the band came out.  Then the entire arena explodes in screams and clapping, until Maynard gets up to the mic and everyone calms down for a brief moment for him to say,For the next two hours, we’re gonna stand up here and pretend like everything is alright”.(more cheering)

And the setlist…

Third Eye

3 Stinkfist
4 Vicarious
5 Eon Blue Apocalypse
6 The Patient
7 Intolerance
8 Schism
9 46&2
10 Lateralus
11 Aenima

During the songs, many crazy visuals were displayed, music videos for the songs that had them, but the visuals during the songs were.. very stimulating to say the least.  Fractal based patterns folding inside and everywhere, and if I were allowed pictures or a camera I would have recorded the entire damn thing.

One thing my friend pointed out was that Maynard stood by drummer Danny Carey, nearly the entire show.  I was curious about this, but connecting this to the GA being all seating, and how the band presents themselves, me and my friend Hannah figured this was purposeful, that Maynard is trying to remove himself from being the “frontman” of the band (it tends to follow vocalists are seen as the leader of bands), and put himself in the back to push the message that he presents with Tool, the people playing it are not as important as what is being said in the lyrics.  Encouraging people to pry open their Third Eye, Forty Six & Two (look up the meaning of it, this deals with the number of chromosomes in humans), etc.  Maybe not everyone sees the depth that is readily available, but it would behoove you all to do your research, Maynard is speaking truths many of us are asleep to… (I will be happy to discuss any of these related topics with anyone.  For those interested, you will be helping yourself and the growth of mankind in taking the steps to question everything and realizing the truth…)

There was no encore, once the show ended, it was done, and this show ended up being my 140th concert since 2004, and it will hold to me as one of the best shows I’ve seen, on MANY different levels.

Rating:  This band is beyond any human rating


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