Goat The Head to release second full-length album “Doppelgangers”

Norwegian death metallers GOAT THE HEAD will release their second full-length album, “Doppelgängers”, on September 13 via Aftermath Music. The CD was mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen (HALFORD, BEHEMOTH, KATAKLYSM, THE HAUNTED) at his Antfarm Studio in Århus , Denmark and it “boasts 10 furious tracks exerting about every color of the metal palette,” according to a press release.

“Doppelgängers” track listing:

01. Neolithic Rocket Science
02. Uncanny Valley Clan
03. This Tube Is The Gospel
04. Salt
05. Bestial Domestication
06. The Hunt Is On (Sexy Son)
07. Reveille
08. Stirring The Enigmatic Appetite
09. The Ubiquitous Cube
10. Primal Caveman Death Metal

Featuring guest vocals by Kirsti Huke, “This Tube Is The Gospel” will be available for free download throughout July, and will also be streaming on MySpace and YouTube.

Check out the “Doppelgängers” cover artwork below.

You can hear the opening track, “Neolithic Rocket Science”, in the YouTube clip below.

There will be no less than two release parties in support of “Doppelgängers” — at Blæst in Trondheim on September 10, and at Garage in Oslo on September 11.

GOAT THE HEAD‘s debut album, “Simian Supremacy”, was released via Tabu Recordings in October 2007.

Musically ferocious, uncouth and coarse in appearance, the Trondheim-based GOAT THE HEAD prefers to keep things “simple and organic,” an attitude that is mirrored in its live shows, peppered with nudity and primitive rituals.

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