Porcupine Tree/ Coheed & Cambria @ The Pageant 8/23

I am the kind of person that really likes to get to concerts early in order to get that perfect spot, so I guess its a good thing my work likes me enough to have let me off for the Porcupine Tree/ Coheed & Cambria co-headlining show around 5pm. I had been anticipating this concert for about three months since the day it was announced and my girlfriend decided to buy us tickets to go, even more so I had been wanting to see Porcupine Tree for about the past 6-7 years or so, and they were finally going to be playing in St. Louis. Unfortunately when PT was playing Chicago the day before my birthday I just couldn’t justify driving up to Chicago for the show, heading home sometime afterward and then heading to Columbia, MO for the Mastodon/Between The Buried And Me show that I had gotten tickets for for my birthday. That’s just too much driving in a short amount of time with little to no sleep (if only we had a bullet train from STL to CHI, I could have made it there and back in a couple hours and all would have been great.) Well anyway the day had finally come and I was as anxious as a child waiting for that final school bell to ring just before summer vacation started, I couldn’t take it anymore I just wanted to be at the show!

I arrived at the Pageant around 545 or so, I had already missed out on the Coheed acoustic set that happened at the Halo Bar (which is a small 3 a.m. bar in the front of the Pageant) but see if you are 21 you can wait inside the Halo Bar and get early entrance into the venue which is pretty awesome, cause then you can usually get the spot you want. Jenn seemed to show up around the same time as my friends Quin and Susie, whom I expected to see at the show but the fact that I met up with them before hand now meant we had other people to sit with. Usually around 630 or 645 is when they open the doors for us to go in from the Halo Bar, well those times came and went and we still weren’t in, not until 7 did they open the doors. Once we got in the venue it was pretty much packed, but then I realized that the Coheed fanclub had early entrance as well, so unfortunately my favorite spot to stand was taken but the spots directly behind them with the huge bar stools was not so we quickly grabbed those. It was only time before my dream of seeing Porcupine Tree was going to come true!!

The first band on stage was, The Dear Hunter, they seemed really awesome only problem was their sound wasn’t mixed well up until their final song everything was muddy sounding. . . Lame. But, they reminded me a little bit of The Mars Volta at times, I guess I will just have to check out their cds to find out for sure. They seemed really awesome, one drummer, 2 keyboardists, 3 guitarists and one bassist, most of them sang and although it sounds like a lot of musicians they kind of rotated so in total there were only six musicians. I really enjoyed their set but mostly was anticipating what was going to happen about 30 min after they were done.

Next up was Porcupine Tree, finally after years of wanting to see them it was going to happen. They came out and Steve, singer, asked how many PT fans there were, we cheered and he was like ok for all you Coheed fans I want you to at least look interested cause if you are just standing there staring at us I will be pissed off. They kicked off their set with the intro track to their new album ‘The Incident’ and just went on with full force throughout the rest of their set. Their set which can be found below was amazing, having been the first time I had seen them, they played a very diverse set consisting mostly of songs off their newest album and the 4 albums previous. . .but DAMN what a set. The crowd was real into them, not to the sense where they were moshing or going crazy during the songs (you really can’t during their songs) but they were enjoying what was going on in front of them and getting a huge crowd response after a majority of their songs. There was a backdrop behind them showing video clips that went along with the songs whether it be clouds with pills flowing, moving picture versions of their album covers that also told somewhat of a story as they played, it didn’t matter it was amazing. Their entire set reminded me of watching the strange combination of Tool and Opeth playing at the same time and at times, though I never had the chance to see them a lil bit of Pink Floyd mixed in. It was a mind blowing experience and I want to live it over again and again if possible. Their set was as follows:
1. Occam’s Razor
2. The Blind House
3. Great Expectations
4. Kneel and Disconnect
5. Drawing the Line
6. Open Car
7. Even Less
8. Anesthetize Pt.2: The Pills I’m Taking
9. I Drive the Hearse
10. Blackest Eyes
11. The Start of Something Beautiful
12. Way Out of Here
13. Sleep Together

Even though we were told at the beginning of their set that we wouldn’t be getting the full Porcupine Tree experience, seeing as they played about half the amount of time they are used to, that 1:15 set was a good enough taste as to what I could expect if I ever get to see them in a full headlining set. If you are a fan of PT or just a fan of great Progressive music do yourself a favor and seen them in concert. . if only once, and if you live in a town they don’t come to. . well either drive to where they are playing, or buy one of their DVD’s I picked up their newest one at the show and am trying to make time to get to watch it as its a 2 hour set or longer.

On last of course was Coheed & Cambria, as much as I wanted to just sit band and enjoy their set (something I hardly get to do since I am usually taking pictures) I was sitting there and realizing that I have seen them 6 times and I really don’t know too many of their songs. They put on an awesome show regardless, but I was more excited watching Porcupine Tree a much mellower band than Coheed, but it was because 1) I had never seen them before and 2) I just knew more songs. However Coheed was tearin it up on stage as they always do plowing through songs like ‘Here We Are Juggernaut, The Suffering, Ten Speed, and Welcome Home’. They too utilized the backdrop for imagery which was really pretty trippy, I don’t remember much of what they had going on, just lots of colors and their symbol, either way it was pretty awesome. At one point Claudio paused a song and spoke, which is something he rarely does during a set, nobody could really make it out from the people I talked to, but we all came to the conclusion it was something along the lines of “stop the violence” maybe there was a fight or something that broke out on the floor. They pretty much plowed through their set as well, and that went as follows:

In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3
Ten Speed (Of God’s Blood And Burial)
Here We Are Juggernaut
The Crowing
The Suffering
Pearl of the Stars
Everything Evil
When Skeletons Live
The Willing Well I: Fuel for the Feeding End
Delirium Trigger
No World For Tomorrow
Wake Up
World of Lines
Welcome Home

Now even though I would say Porcupine Tree stole the show, I only say that as someone that has seen Coheed many times and knew what to expect from them. All in all the entire show was amazing, all three bands put on stellar sets (even though The Dear Hunter’s was muddy most of the time). If the tour weren’t already over I would highly suggest you all run out and see it if possible. . but either way you need to catch all of these bands live whether together, at a festival, or doing a solo show, you will not be lead astray catching either of them and I must say I would do it all over again if I could.
The Year of the Black Rainbow Incident tour: 5/5

Unfortunately I was unable to get a photo pass for this concert so no pictures to show off. . . but next time will be a different story. If you haven’t already done so feel free to follow us on Facebook just look up “Damnation Magazine” until I find a better way to post pictures up on here without taking up space that is where a majority of the pictures end up. So come check them out and say hi! And if you like what you see tell your friends!

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  1. cowhitchurch says:

    I was at the show, too. I’m a die-hard fan of Coheed and The Dear Hunter and have seen them both multiple times, but this was my first PT experience and I dug them a lot.

    You should really check out more Dear Hunter. They have three albums and are Acts I, II and III of one story and are really rockin. The reason their sound may not have been as solid as you had hoped is because they have been going through a bit of change in musicians lately and had a couple of new guys. Might not have a ton to do with the mixing, but it could have caused some confusion.

    Casey, their man guy (the one who looked like Zach Galifinakis, played guitar, keyboard, and did most of the singing) is a musical genius. He writes virtually every part of every song and they are coming out with a nine-part EP in February that is based on every color in the spectrum. I spoke with Casey after the show and he informed me that after it is released, they will be going on a nationwide headlining tour to promote the Color EPs. Casey was also in a band called Receiving End of Sirens, if you’ve heard of them.


  2. mode20100 says:

    A+ would read again


  3. rowdy says:

    I had the wonderful pleasure of attending the show, specifically for Porcupine Tree. I’ve traveled to see them twice (Chicago and Kansas City) and both times they were well worth the trip. I was very excited to see that they were playing in St. Louis so I had to go. I just keep my fingers crossed that they enjoyed themselves enough and saw what a fabulously responsive crowd we were that they will grace themselves with their presence on a headlining tour.

    I also hope they converted people into fans that night. Not enough PT fans in St. Louis, but a heck of a lot more than I thought there were!


  4. tjtull says:

    Great review of the show. I too was there…for Porcupine Tree. This was my 5th time seeing them, having traveled to Kansas City, San Francisco, Houston, and Cincinnati to see them previously. They put on an amazing set and did indeed win over many of the C&C faithful in the audience. I think SW really appreciated the warm welcome STL gave them. He rewarded us by playing Even Less, a song they ONLY played for this show on the co-headlining tour with C&C. Just a fantastic night overall and really great to see them in my backyard!! I hope that the warm welcome will prompt them to come back here next year as the primary act. I’m seeing them in NYC next month at Radio City Music Hall and I can’t WAIT!!!


  5. Robert says:

    I also have waited several years to see them. My buddy and I were both reeling for days afterwards – and I had seen Rush from the 4th row the night before. Apples and oranges, for sure. You simply can’t capture the power and amazing texture of their live show on video. Steven was in extremely fine voice that evening and the energy was incredible. Please come back!


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