Scrambled Defuncts, Arkaik, Shuriken Cadaveric Entwinement

To most people that looks probably like a lot of gibberish, however you will be pleased to know that we here at Damnation like to discover bands to throw out and teach you all about almost daily. In some cases there are bands we find that a few of you have already heard of and that is great but, regardless of if you may or may not have heard of these next three bands they are definitely bands you need to check out. Here is something I have learned over the years about the internet, when you type something in a search it stores it into its expansive open space mind and keeps it for later. While doing this it also searches other spots of its ‘mind’ for similar topics or topics that have had your search tagged to it. So you type in the band Ill Nino and it might pop up an article on Puya or Demon Hunter, or other various bands that might have a similar style that you might enjoy. Well last night I was playing around on youtube and that exact thing happened to me and now I feel the need to share what I found with you all. These guys were all found while looking at some Fleshgod Apocalypse videos.

First up is Russian Experimental Progressive Death Metal group Scrambled Defuncts. You could almost say that they are the Russian version of Fleshgod Apocalypse, incorporating Death Metal with some Classical-ish overtones. Retribution, the first track off their latest album, ‘Souls Despising the God’,  can be heard in the video below. Starting off with some creepy horror movie like piano which leads into some face-melting guitars and drums.

Next is California based, Arkaik. Think the Faceless but a bit more brutal and you have Arkaik. Signed to Unique Leader and just a great example of what Techincal Death Metal should sound like, well ok I could think of other examples that are better, Necrophagist, Cephalic Carnage. . . but I mean Arkaik is definitely a step in the right direction. You can catch them on tour right now with BrainDrill there are just a few more dates of that tour left and then in october they will be touring the US with Goatwhore and Black Dahlia Murder. Their song ‘Paradaigm’ is the 3rd track on their debut album, “Reflections Within Dissonance”, and can be heard below.

Lastly comes North Carolina two piece, Shuriken Cadaveric Entwinement. First of all extremely heavy for a two piece, and secondly they kinda remind me a bit of Nile which is awesome and yet a lil ironic seeing as Nile is well from South Carolina. Either way don’t pass them up, although the name is long and just strange as can be, I won’t say they are the next Nile or anything, but put them on the right tour package/summer festival and I think they would do really well and possibly blow up a lil bit. “Unleashing the Tides of War” comes from their debut album ‘As The Shroud Of Suffering Suffocates The Land’

Well that was it for my discovery last night. . . until next time, my name is Nick and just remember to keep it brutal!

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