Despised Icon Final U.S. Tour Review 9/19/2010

WHO: Despised Icon (final tour) w/ Misery Index & Revocation
WHERE: Fubar in St. Louis, MO
WHEN: September 19, 2010

Nick and I got to the venue fairly early, first local band was on stage so we walked around, checked out merch and grabbed a beer. There were a few local bands on the bill but they weren’t anything to write home about. One was a hardcore/deathcore band with not one but two screamers the power kept cutting out on them. . I think someone was tryin to tell them to stop playing.Unfortunately I had to watch them from up front because I didnt want to lose my place for Revocation.

Revocation was the first national act of the night, myself and the few other metal heads in the crowd loved them. The hardcore kids, not so much. These thrashing metal maniacs put on a great show, ripping through their set with lots of energy, crazy guitar shredding, and more double bass than your head can handle at once. Definite must see, their set was:

Pestilence Reigns
Age of Iniquity
Dismantle the Dictator
Exhumed Identity

The next band was my main attraction of the night, Misery Index. They seem to come through St. Louis a hell of a lot, but for whatever reason I haven’t seen them since they played with Job For A Cowboy and From a Second Story Window at the new Creepy Crawl when it first opened. Needless to say, I was excited to see what these tech-death thrash metallers had in store for us, and they did not disappoint. Drummer Adam Jarvis is a beast behind the kit, he plays so fast when his dad heard tracks off the new album he thought it was a drum machine! Misery Index destroyed Fubar along with many of those in attendance. Let’s just say my neck and back were sore for a few days after this show. Best band of the night hands down, their set was:

The Carrion Call
Manufacturing Greed
The Spectator
Heirs to Thievery
We Never Come in Peace

Last up for the night was Despised Icon, this being their last time to play in St. Louis ever. . unless they decide to reunite in the future? I stayed as far away from the hardcore kids and their stupid karate ninja bullshit as possible. I was glad I got to see them on their final tour, even if they aren’t my cup of tea. They were alright, real energetic, and very devoted to their music/fans. But it got kind of repetitive and I was ready to head out about halfway through the set though. Instead I had a few brews and took it all in. I gotta give it to em though, the crowd was going CRAZY during the entire set, I am sure they will be missed from the scene. Overall, the 2 bands I went to see were the shit. If Misery Index or Revocation come through your town in the near future, do yourself a favor and check it out; you won’t regret it!

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