Decibel Defiance Tour review

WHO: Decibel Defiance Tour ft. Suffocation w/ The Faceless, Through the Eyes of the Dead, Decrepit Birth, & Fleshgod Apocalypse
WHERE: The Rave/Eagles Club in Milwaukee, WI
WHEN: October 25th, 2010

Nick Licata and I left St. Louis around 10 AM on the 25th – a Monday – in anticipation of another brutal metal tour put together by Decibel Magazine (i.e. the Vader/Malevolent Creation tour a few years back). We left earlier than usual because you never know what to expect when traveling on I-55 and I-39 through Illinois. We made excellent time and actually got to the venue at about 4:30 – an hour and a half before doors and 2½ hours before the show was slated to begin. Nevertheless, we chilled outside the club for a bit and soon saw Bill Robinson, the front man of Decrepit Birth, playing hacky-sack with a fellow metal head who had ventured to the venue early. We joined in for a bit and discussed everything from his band’s new release Polarity to some shows they’ve played in St. Louis in the past few years. Bill’s a great guy who loves doing what he does.

After waiting for what seemed like days, the doors finally opened and the eager metal heads were led into the dungeon that is the bottom venue of the Rave/Eagles Club. This was where I saw the Children of Bodom/ Amon Amarth/ Gojira tour a few years ago. It definitely brought back great memories of that epic adventure through ice and snow to get to Milwaukee.

As 7pm came closer, Nick and I snagged a spot towards the front of the crowd that had gathered by the stage to watch Fleshgod Apocalypse. Nick was actually lucky enough to score a photo pass for this show, you can check out his pics on the Facebook site soon. Fleshgod was one of the main bands we had driven to see on the show and they did not disappoint. They came out in conductor-type suits with dirt and blood on them as if they just crawled out of their respective graves, and right away the began to melt everybody’s faces off with their intense set. It was interesting to see how they were going to incorporate the classical portions into their set, while it was just preloaded onto an iPod, the singer conducted the crowd as if we were the orchestra. On a sidenote, when Nick talked with the band later he mentioned it would be awesome to see them do a tour with an orchestra playing the classical parts, they said it won’t happen yet, but it is something they are toying around with for the future. . probably more distant than near. Their symphonic installment included:

In Honour Of Reason
Sophistic Demise
Embodied Deception
Blinded By Fear
Thru Our Scars
Requiem In Si Minor

The only complaint I have is that they did not play the heavy drum/guitar intro to In Honour of Reason. Other than that they were pretty brutal. They seem to be growing a following because the show that we saw was only halfway through the tour and they were already running low on the different sizes of shirts. They shall return to Italy with pride. For those that miss this tour, fear not Nick got to talk with everyone in the band. . after a short tour in Europe they said they would be headed back to the States for another U.S. tour, hopefully it will make it to St. Louis this time around, though they are definitely worth traveling for, no doubt. After that they will return back into the studio for their Second full length that will probably see a release late 2011/early 2012, but they already have a few ideas brewing in their head.

Next up was Decrepit Birth. I’d seen them a number of times on Summer Slaughter as well as the Faceless’ Planetary Duality Tour that came through Rockstar Nightclub back here in St. Louis. The performance they put on this time was phenomenal. I don’t know if it was the sound, the atmosphere, or whatever else, but they put on a hell of a show. Bill was doing his typical rocking out and shit during the solos and fills. Everything sounded dead on. They’ve definitely grown on me, especially with their new album. Their set was:

Prelude to the Apocalypse
The Resonance
The Infestation
Diminishing Between Worlds

After them was a band I hadn’t seen in 5 or 6 years, since the original screamer was still in the band. Much like Decrepit Birth, Through the Eyes of the Dead put on a hell of a show as well. They did not, however, play Two Inches to the Main Artery. I was yelling “Two Inches!” between every song until the singer shot it down. Bummer. Solid set nonetheless:

As Good as Dead
No Haven
Perpetual Defilement
Pull the Trigger
Failure in the Flesh

The Faceless was up next and you could tell a lot of kids were there to see them. Performance-wise, they weren’t as tight this time as they usually are. They had a few timing issues, such as when they broke into Planetary Duality to start the set. Nevertheless, they looked like they were having a blast and the new song sounded brutal from what I was able to make out, as I was in the second row at the center of the stage. Their set was:

Planetary Duality I (Hideous Revelation)
Planetary Duality II (A Prophecies Fruition)
Coldly Calculated Design
Eidolon Reality *NEW*
An Autopsy
The Ancient Covenant

The heavy-hitting metallers from New York took the stage after a short break between sets. The pits were insane as Suffocation’s front man Frank Mullen tried to keep the crowd awake and paying attention with his blast beat hand motions and his cryptic banter in between songs. Once again they blew me away. I had seen them a few years back on the Fear Factory tour with Hypocrisy and Decapitated when they were direct support and they stole the show. It was awesome finally seeing them headline a tour. Their set was:

Liege of Inveracity
Suspended in Tribulation
Thrones of Blood
Cataclysmic Purification
Entrails of You
Pierced From Within
Funeral Inception
Blood Oath
Effigy of the Forgotten
Torn Into Enthrallment
Infecting the Crypts

All in all the show was great. Every band on the bill is worth watching and listening to without hesitation. Merchandise was decently priced. Got a Fleshgod Apocalypse Oracles shirt for $10 and Suffocation tour shirt for $20. If you get the chance, GO SEE THIS SHOW!

Nick say’s: This was my first time to the venue and it blew me away. It was as tall as the Pageant or Fox Theatre, but if you haven’t seen or heard about it, it is broken down into 5 venues or so. This one was in the basment and I’m just sayin, if that was any indication as to what the rest of the venues are like then this is the BEST place I have ever been to for a concert. Being in the basement I expected some small hole-in-the-wall type place, similar to Creepy Crawl, Fubar, Galaxy, etc. No offense to those places cause they are/were all superior venues in the St. Louis scene. This place had to be about the size of Pops, more so if you put a wall up at the Bar on the right hand side once you enter pops that was how big it seemed. . probably could hold about 1000 or so people thats for sure. The lighting from a photographer’s P.O.V. and I am sure from a spectators P.O.V. as well was phenomenal, I mean not just for the main acts (Faceless and Suffocation) but for the entire show. All the bands were well lit up, made for great pictures. . reminded me of ligthing at the Pageant or something. The sound was excellent again not just for Faceless and Suffocation but for all. . of course it was louder for Suffocation and Faceless than the others but, the sound was excellent. . You could hear every note perfectly especially for Fleshgod Apocalypse (I dont care where you live, if they come to a town near you drive and see them, they only play for about 30-40 minutes but DAMN you will not be disappointed!!) All the other bands I had seen at least once or twice. . some more, but Fleshgod just blew me away. . to see Francesco drum was insane, like watching Joey Jordison on speed! I really enjoyed myself at this show and as Steve said, merch was very nicely priced for this one, I walked away with 3 Fleshgod shirts and one Decrepit Birth shirt and only spent like 60 bux. . maybe a lil less Bill from Decrepit Birth cut me a deal since I had taken pics. I am backed up on pictures right now, as I am the only one shooting for Damnation right now, but have no fear I will be catching up in no time and I just found my second shooter!! Pics for this show will be up soon I promise check out our facebook page often there is always something new. . and for all you newbies add us please we want the word to get out about Damnation. . help us spread our love for Metal!
Back to reality. . Go to this tour, there are a few dates remaining it will not disappoint!

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