Tesseract @ Lemp Brewery

Who: Tesseract
When: October 23, 2010
Where: Lemp Brewery (St. Louis)

It was a cool October night, I had already been to like 3 concerts throughout the week, but I was not ready to slow it down for UK Experimental/Progressive Metal band Tesseract was gonna be playing in a matter of a couple of hours! I was extremely happy that I was about to see them play, this was an off date from their tour with the great Devin Townsend, he had gone back to the studio to work on his new albums for a few days. I actually met a couple of the guys the night before at the Suicide Silence show, they were just there hanging out working the sound a lil bit. Really nice dudes and very thick British accents. Anyway I had picked up my friend Katie after work and we headed down to the venue, I had never been here for a concert before so I was curious, upon getting there I knew this was a place I wanted to see more and more shows. It was in the upstairs area in the school-house(?) portion of the Lemp Brewery. The room we were in was like a storage room almost, full on wooden floors (and I mean wooden. . not like wood floors you would have in your house, but like treehouse wooden) to the left was the sound board, straight ahead was the band setup in what lead to a corner of the room (will be noticable in the pictures) it had a really creepy feel to it, which made it the best location for a metal show to occur! The only bad thing about this show was that Devin Townsend wasn’t playing it would’ve been pretty epic to see him. . especially on a headlining tour (though it would’ve been at Pop’s if he did play and not that that’s a bad thing but this place rocks!)

There were 4 local bands, all of them were actually really cool, they each had their own sound and that’s awesome. My favorites however were Quaere Verum, a heavier more technical reincarnation of Rusted Skin, and A Dark Orbit. For those not familiar with either band check them out. . Dark Orbit is signed to Basick Records out of the UK and are very Meshuggah-esque! As I said all the local bands were great but those were the two that really did it for me!.

To make things better the lighting was pretty epic just a row of Red lights straight back on the ceiling and the a strip of bright whites on the floor. There was no stage so no separation from you and the bands other than this strip of lights on the ground and a few platforms for the band members to stand on if they so desired.

Tesseract went on around 11 and they just floored you with all they had, first song clocking in at around 13+ minutes. . they just dove right into their set composed of many songs of their freshly released “Concealing Fate EP” as well as one or two older tracks, they definitely did not disappoint. Words cannot describe how excellent their show really was, they ripped through about 6 or 7 songs total, which for a headlining gig doesn’t sound like a lot but you gotta remember some of these are lengthy songs clocking over 9 minutes. The crowd could do nothing but just stand there awe-struck with what was going on in front of them. All in all this was an epic show, you really cant go wrong with a random Tesseract headlining show in a venue that is quite possibly haunted. . and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect being just a week away from Halloween. I was pleased with both the venue and the bands that played, I highly suggest checking out a Tesseract set if you ever get the chance, I believe the tour with Devin Townsend is on its last few dates, if it isn’t over already. . but fear not they will be coming back. I don’t know when but, if you missed out this time you dont want to do the same next time. Do yourself a favor, like them on facebook, add them on myspace, memorize their tour schedule and keep posted on here for not only later tour dates but also pictures from this very show. They will be posted in the next couple of days on our facebook page of Damnation Magazine.

Video Courtesy of Mack Barrow

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