Landmine Marathon @ Johnny’s Sidebar

Who: Landmine Marathon
Where: Johnny’s Sidebar (Collinsville, IL)
When: November 18, 2010

The moment I heard Landmine Marathon was playing a free show near St. Louis I was extremely excited. I had never seen them before and honestly wasn’t entirely familiar with their sound up until maybe a month or two before the show was announced, but I knew I was gonna be in for a good time. What I didn’t know was how good a time I was about to have?

My buddy Scott and I arrived at the bar a few hours early to hang out with my friends Racheal and Mike. We just sat around and talked for a while, catching up on old times and what not, Racheal was just excited that someone actually wanted to hang out in Collinsville for a change and I was happy I was getting to hang with her again after what was probably a few months of busy work between both of us. Anyway as it got closer to the time for the show to start Racheal unfortunately had to get going due to work in the morning, but Scott and I were in it for the long haul. We walked to the side of the bar where the concert was to be held and our jaws dropped, the stage was barely a foot off the ground and hardly big enough to hold the opening band of 2 people. Though I don’t really remember the opening acts name, I wanna say Animated Dead but I’m not entirely sure, they were really awesome for only having 2 members. I had left my camera in my car but seeing the crowd was small, the room was small, I knew it was only gonna make for amazing pictures so I ran and grabbed it while Landmine was setting up.

When I got back in the venue the stage was partially set up, but as I suspected the drums fit as did the guitar amps, the rest of the band however were gonna be playing on the floor. I had a little bit of time before the show started to check out their merch and talk to Grace, lead singer of Landmine Marathon, who by the way is the sweetest, most adorable female front woman I have ever seen. . in other words GORGEOUS. Anyway, after looking at their merch and deciding which shirt I wanted Scott leans over to me and says, “that girl over there, I swear she is on ‘The Bad Girls Club’.” It bothered him so much that he went over and asked her and believe it or not it really was a girl from that TV show. We talked to her and her friend for a while and then it was about time for the show to start. The crowd started to fill in a lil more but I say that and there were really about 15 people there maybe 25? Needless to say it got real crazy, real quick! I wasn’t sure what to expect from their live show or anything, like I said Grace was as nice as could be, who knew she had a beast inside ready to come out?!? Their set started and from that moment on to the end of their set I was one of a few witnesses of one of the most amazing concerts that venue has probably seen. For those of you unfamiliar with Landmine Marathon they are a Thrash/Death Metal band from Pheonix,AZ and their stage presence will blow you away.

I can only assume all of their shows are like this, but as I said this was the first time I’ve seen them. The entire show Grace was screaming like a mad woman that really comes from out of nowhere, and although her stage show might freak some out it made for some most excellent shots. The crowd surrounded the stage leaving only a few feet walking distance for each of the members to move around, but they rocked, and when I say rocked I mean they rocked the fuck out!! Grace walked up to everyone in the room screaming the lyrics in their faces, she dropped to the ground maybe the lyrics were getting emotional or maybe it was just part of her show? Everything from wrapping the microphone cord around her neck to messing her hair and running her fingers down her face in a somewhat seductive/yet psychotic way it was amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better band to be playing in such circumstances. Walking around taking pictures was a blast, though I had to use flash which I hate doing, but I am pleased with the outcome which was a very grainy, film like appearance. I did almost get knocked in the head a few times with guitars and bass’s but you know what that just added to the awesomeness that was happening in front of me. Now since I wasn’t very familiar with their music/song titles and haven’t come across a set list for the show yet I am unable to provide, but hopefully I can get one from Grace or one of the guys later and post it for you all.

All-in-all it was a great experience, I highly suggest you guys go see them if they come around to a town near you. After all they are the only band that I know to this date that has their entire discography that was just released on Tape. . thats right I said it, TAPE!! BTW, they are all really nice guys and if you ask nicely it sounds like they are always down for a house party/show, they seem to have done quite a few in their day! A+


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