CD Review: Ghost ‘Opus Eponymous’

Who is Ghost? That is a question many people are going to be asking and very few are going to be able to answer. Up until recently I hadn’t heard of the band, but the second I heard their album “Opus Eponymous” I was hooked. They are a six-piece Progressive, Powerpop  sensation that is quite quickly gaining everybody’s interest. They come from Sweden, they are unnamed in the album, and when on stage they are motionless and hidden behind face-paint, hooded robes and masks. Actually their live show would be pretty epic to watch, so if they ever do a tour near you be sure to try and catch it. Their sound is very similar to well Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Witchcraft. . and just a mixture of satanic Classic Rock artists of our day, with a touch of Black Metal for the lyrics.

I don’t really know enough about the band to just talk about them so I will move on to what I do know and that is their debut album “Opus Eponymous”. Released in the U.S. January 18, ‘Opus Eponymous’ is the perfect album to start your year off with. Very easy to listen to from start to finish, the opening track, Deus Culpa, is a most haunting organ instrumental that helps you just feel the evil that is about to come your way. This transitions very nicely into the next track, Con Clavi Con Dio, with the opening lyrics “Lucifer. . . we are here. . . for your praise. . . evil one.” The great thing about this song is that it is very up beat, in fact the whole album is like a Satanic Pop album, its catchy as hell, to the point where you would think you were listening to a Queens of the Stone Age album. But, this is much better than that, this will give you nightmares even if you are listening to it wide awake during the day! The riffs are simple through out the album, the drumming is never too technical either, that would really take away from the element of this album. Ghost does a great job proving to all that you don’t need to be heavy as fuck to show your anger toward religion or whatever. The simplicity of their song structure is actually what puts everything together so nicely, makes it more widely acceptable to worship satan. . . well you know what I mean more people are willing to listen to this album due to the way it’s crafted and Ghost knew that.

The album continues on with the track, ritual, featuring the line ‘Our father, who art in hell, unhallowed be thy name’ very simple. I mean hell I coulda written that, but they aren’t exactly trying to be known for their creative lyrics or songwriting as much as they are just trying to get the word out there. . that the end of the world won’t be all that bad if and when it happens. The rest of the album is very similar, with some chugging guitar riffs that make you bob your head, and lyrics so soothingly sung that you just can’t help but get the lyrics stuck in your head and sing them out loud, no matter where you are. Closing track, Genesis, really closes the album nicely keeping in tune with the rest of the album, it is a very psychedelic instrumental track that just leaves you wanting more, but ends you feeling at peace with yourself. After all you just listened the most upbeat “Black Metal” album to ever, leaving you in a trance and wondering where you were for the past 34 minutes, but not in a bad way what-so-ever

The very first time I played this album, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I had seen many reviews on it that I had to get my hands on it. Seeing it in so many metal blog reviews and having been released by Metal Blade records here in the states, I was half expecting something more along the lines of Slayer meets Black Sabbath. What I heard well was more of a Black Sabbath and Judas Priest meet the year 2010 and they are better than ever. The production on this album is incredible, you know they are very professional musicians. I can’t say it is easily one of the greatest albums to come out this year, well one the year just started and two there is so much coming out this year it’s not even funny. I really think these guys have great potential and will be one of those bands that are recognized with Sabbath, Priest and the likes for years to come. Ghost is here to stay, they came out at the right time and things will only go up from here for them. 4.5/5

Recommended if you like (Black Sabbath,Mercyful Fate, King Diamond)

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