It has arrived. . The Omega Experiments “Karma EP”

Many of you may not be aware of these guys, but they are coming at you with a vengeance. The Omega Experiment are a Metal/Progressive/Ambient out of Muskegon, MI and they mean business. Heavy influence can be heard from that of Devin Townsend. Check em out I really think you guys will enjoy them a lot.
album name

Karma EP

band name

The Omega Experiment

Furor 07:46
Karma 07:57
Paramount 04:29
Free EP as a sampler to their upcoming album to be released late spring/early summer. Also for promotional purposes.
released 31 January 2011
Dan Wieten- Guitars, vocals, bass, samples, production
Ryan Aldridge- Keys, samples
Victor Lazareus- Additional vocals on Furor and Karma
Jeremy Dewitt- Additional vocals on all
Bob Guthrie- Additional vocals on Karma

All songs written by Dan Wieten, co-written by Ryan Aldridge.

Additional vocals on “Karma” written by Bob Guthrie.

Opening scream on “Furor” by Brian Seabolt.

Occasional suggestions by Jeremy Dewitt.

Produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Dan Wieten at Temperamental Studios (his bedroom), with an indispensable amount of help from Nicholas Scott. Check out his studio page-(!/pages/NS-Studio/152145984831732)

The end of “Furor” was directly inspired by “Truth” from Devin Townsend’s album, Infinity.

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