Primus @ The Pageant | 05.29.2011

Primus & The Dead Kenny G’s

The Pageant – St. Louis, MO


Having been a fan of Primus for what’s going on 15 years now, you would have expected someone like myself, avid concert attendee/music junky, to see the band perform many times. However, I wasn’t fortunate enough to partake in a Primus show until last night. Lets just say I was born at the wrong time, three years earlier and I would have had some classic shows to talk about in my life time. (Primus or Korn at Mississippi Nights, Deftones at the Galaxy, etc.) But due to my curse of being born just a few years later I don’t have stories like that. And then when I try to go to a concert for a band like Primus, well you have to be quick on your feet which, while I might be, I never was when it came to getting tickets before the show sold out.
This time I was prepared, I heard about the show in advance and had help from a friend. That being said I had three months of anticipation for seeing a band I truly love and had been dying to see for years! The day finally arrived and time couldn’t move slower, however we salvaged that problem by rocking out to Primus the entire day at work. I got to the venue a little before the doors opened and there was a pretty nice sized line, luckily I was able to get ‘my spot’ in the venue that I just love (just behind the General Admission floor in the center looking over the crowd). Granted I was photographing the night as well but only for the first three songs of each band, so I wanted to make sure that when that was done with I could hang with my friends in what I consider the best spot in the venue, though there really isn’t a bad spot in the house.

The Dead Kenny G’s took stage first, I knew nothing about them before the show, and I usually do my best to check out the opening acts if I haven’t heard of them. The band hails from Seattle, WA and consists of a few members that travel around with Les Claypool when he tours for his solo work. Their music was fantastic, though I don’t know how well many of the people enjoyed their set of Jazz influenced Funk Rock. The band walked out on stage donning the Kenny G wig with white bloody doctor scrubs. They totally blew me away. Its funny that part way through their set they did a cover of the Dead Kennedy’s ‘Kill the Poor’, because anytime I was asked or thought about who was opening the show I thought of them. They played for about 45 min and overall the crowd was pleased from what I could hear as a reaction between songs.
About quarter after 9 Primus took stage, walking out to the Pee Wee’s Big Adventure with original drummer Jay Lane, guitarist Larry LaLonde, and bassist/vocalist Les Claypool, sporting his pig mask, break right into ‘Seas of Cheese’ and ‘Here Come the Bastards’. What a perfect way to start the night of classics and new material. Now I will have to admit, this being my first time seeing Primus I was hoping to see a few more old school songs than new material, but at the same time their new songs sound AMAZING and I know you have to promote your new album when you are a band, so all is good. The crowd seemed to feel the same way, during songs like ‘Damned Blue Collar Tweakers’, ‘My Name is Mud’, ‘Tommy the Cat’ and others the crowd was going nuts, and with the new tracks they stood there kinda confused, yet were glad to soak in the new material. After the show I ran into a few other friends and they felt the same way as I, pleased and left wanting more.

Overall I had an amazing time at the show and will definitely be going next time they are in town. If this tour comes to a city near you, I highly suggest getting tickets. As for me I am now debating getting tickets to their show this summer at the Red Rocks in Colorado with The Flaming Lips.

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