Death Metal Deathmatch: “Cryptopsy – Phobophile” vs. “Cannibal Corpse – Under the Rotted Flesh”

Here in the Death Metal deathmatch we are putting two bands in the ring for a good old fashioned brawl. The bands are chosen at complete random and the winner, chosen by which band gets the most votes, goes onto the next round. For the inaugural week we didn’t want to start off weak so we are pairing up two extremely brutal bands from opposite ends of America… let the killing begin.



The mighty Cannibal Corpse:


One Comment Add yours

  1. Georgy says:

    I hate comparing bands, but Cryptopsy is something you listen to everyday. I just can’t get over None so vile till now, I love many songs by Cannibal Corpse too. In the end it’s just yer taste which decides the preference.


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