Help Finnish epic folk metal band Frosttide to get a gig in Nummirock!

Joni Snoro decided to form a folk metal band in autumn 2009. He asked Joonas Nislin to play drums. The band also got a guitarist and bassist. He himself played guitar and sang. It was harder to find a keyboard player. In the end the guitarist and bassist left for their own projects. Juho Patinen joined the band as the guitarist around Christmas 2009. For a while they practiced Joni’s songs with two guitars and drums, until the band found a keyboard player, Lise Richardson in the beginning of 2010. The band entered the Toukofest band competition around this time. They were looking for a bassist, and the previous guitarist and bassist filled in for a while, until the first official bassist entered the band in spring 2010. The band was now complete. The first show was at Toukofest 2010, and the band made the shared second place in the band competition.
The band released their first EP Dawn Of Frost at the end of summer 2010.
In the winter 2010 the band came to the mutual decision to part ways with the bassist of that time and switched temporarily to another, who didn’t stay in the band for long.
Currently Frosttide have no official bassist.

Frosttide are underground act of the year 2010, as awarded by Finnish Metal Awards.

“You know what, it’s been a while since we had some nice heroic folk metal. So why not throw some out there today. Who doesn’t like a bunch of long-haired Fins who prefer to stroll the forests pretending to be warriors of old, while making a cheerful piece of metal music? I know I do! ”

Contest Rules:

1) Click that link.
2) Press “Suosittele” and after that press “vahvista”
3) Share the link to your wall with voting infos and spread the word!
It’s easy and takes only 2 second! Have a nice day & thanks!

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