Band Spotlight: Slice the Cake

Slice The Cake is an intercontinental progressive deathcore trio formed in 2009.
A two-piece at the point of inception, Gareth Edwards (England) and Jonas Johansson (Sweden) first created the original demo of the track “Cleansed,” with Gareth on vocals and Jonas on guitar, drum programming and production respectively.

After two years of work, we’re ready to unleash our first full-length album “The Man With No Face.”

The album will be out on March 1st to coincide with the 2 year anniversary of the release of our first EP “Cleansed.”
Composed entirely by Jack “Magero” Richardson, the album features 10 tracks of mind-expanding, visionary progressive metal, including a 20+ minute epic composed of 5 movements with its own musical mythology.
Aside from that, the album explores technical death metal savagery, an increased focus on orchestral composition, and bold new ambience laden realms of metal, with a more experimental approach to vocals and powerful philsophical lyrics that weave an epic tale about a spiritual quest to transcend dualism in a world of black and white morality.


released 01 March 2012
Jack Richardson
Gareth Edwards
Jonas Johansson

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