Limp Bizkit planning Spring US Tour

While this may not be for everyone that reads this page, we’re sure there are a few LB fans out there somewhere??


Limp Bizkit‘s long-promised U.S. tour is now being mapped out for April/May. The band recently confirmed the news with the following updates:

“We are really excited to play India February 16&17. Its been long enough! We’ve always wanted to visit there. Also- Plans for an exclusive USA run are underway for April/May. Did somebody say Sonisphere and Download after that?!! And the UK? And Europe? And Russia? And Australia? And Asia? It cannot be!! Let’z get your Bizkit on!!!”

“And that’s not all. Canada, Mexico, Africa, SA, Mars… We want to play everywhere and are reaching out to all promoters. If you want LB to visit you then, by all means, reach out to your promoters and have them contact John Jackson for UK/Europe/SA, Darryl Eaton at CAA for US/Canada/etc, and Corey Brennan at 5B management. No more fucking around. Be heard.”

The group have been in and out of the studio in recent months tracking their new album “Stampede Of The Disco Elephants“.

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