Win a ticket to see Opeth this Thursday in St. Louis, Mo

So I’m (Nick) sitting here with an extra ticket to the Opeth show this Thursday, at Pops Nightclub in St. Louis. I know, only one?!?!?! Sad but true, yes only one. Now I thought long and hard about this and I decided the best thing to do is raffle it off. So I thought up  some trivia questions, the person that gets the most right wins. You can answer on here, but if you do please also respond on facebook where this will post as well :-). The winner will be announced Thursday around 3pm. You will get a Facebook message, if you don’t like the page…. do so now!!

1. What movies action figures did Mikael Åkerfeldt collect as a child?
2. What was the first cd Mikael Åkerfeldt ever bought?
3. What was the criteria for Åkerfeldt to buy a vinyl? (I will take 1 of 3 answers)
4. Which Katatonia album(s) does Åkerfeldt sing on?
5. Members of Opeth and Katatonia are in a band together, what is the band name? Which members are in the band?
Bonus question: the aforementioned band in question 5 had another singer, who was it?
Bonus question 2: how many projects/collaborations has Åkerfeldt worked on?

Ok that’s it whomever gets the most correct wins the ticket… look at it this way even if you still have to buy another ticket, at least you have $25 extra toward a t-shirt 🙂


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