Coming soon to a blog spot near you

I know we haven’t really posted much on this page recently. But that is about to change, I promise. . We have gotten in the slump of just posting to our Facebook page so more things get posted there than do on our blog page. Recently I sat down with a few of the guys and we all decided to be more committed to posting on this page, which in turn links to our facebook and twitter pages anyway so it only makes sense that our exclusive work gets posted on here first!!

Our most recent, big news is that we obtained our first press pass as “Damnation Magazine” any of the other shows were just ones I took my camera to and took pictures or were through other sources. This time though I, Nick, e-mailed the press contact for Avenged Sevenfold and was able to shoot their show along with the band Ghost B.C. this past weekend in St. Louis!! It was incredible and feel free to check out the Photos from that show out on Damnation’s Facebook page 🙂


Stay tuned for more to come. . Concert reviews, Album reviews, Vinyl reviews. . hopefully some more interviews. In case you hadn’t seen it we did our first interview a few weeks back with the band Battlecross!! They were epic as hell and super nice dudes. Hope to get more of that action soon!



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