Bloodbath’s new singer: an educated guess

Through the past few weeks death metal supergroup, Bloodbath, has been teasing us with hints as to who the new vocalist us.

Clue #1: born in 1971
Clue #2: this beard

Clue #3: born in continent Black Death killed over 25 million people.

But I think the biggest clues yet were staring at us the entire time… Their profile picture for their Facebook the past few weeks


Which features two things , entombed’s font for their logo, and this guitar pedal


A pedal both bloodbath members and entombed members have used.

I think it’s safe to say their new vocalist is coming from the band entombed. And the only face that fits the profile is none other than…..

Jörgen Sandström!!*

Sandström has performed in many death metal bands including Grave, Project Hate, Torture Division, Krux, and oh yea Entombed 🙂

His vocals are brutal as fuck and his lyrics are like hymns written by our Dark Lord, Satan himself.

Again this is pure speculation, but if I am proven to be true this could be one hell of a new album!!

*- only conflict is that Project Hate are crowd funding to record a new album.

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