Band Spotlight: Ovid’s Withering

A good friend of mine told me to check these guys out among a few others. For those of you unfamiliar with the band much like myself, I didn’t want to make up something that was completely wrong about the band so here are some things I found while searching them. . most of it comes from their facebook page.

Ovid’s Withering is a musical unit that has been refined into their own identity through seasons of staying on their own two feet, and never settling for less than their best. With a firm DIY ethic that always has kept them at the most interpersonal level with their lively and interactive fanbase, they crafted a brand that keeps listeners involved in their universe even between musical releases. There’s always activity behind the curtains of the Ovid’s Withering camp, but the curtains are transparent enough for the faithful followers to never feel forgotten in the midst of the toiling songcraft. 

Band Details:

Genre Theatrical, Symphonic, Black, Djent, Deathcore, whatever

Members JJ “Shiv” Polachek – Lead Vocals
Matt Suits – Bass/Vocals
Aaron Rodriguez – Guitar/Vocals
Mark Gonzalez – Guitar/Vocals
Dustin Rogers – Drums

Hometown Tampa, FL

Record Label America – Unsigned —– Canada – Subliminal Groove Records

General Manager Bryan Chase and Jolissa Rivere

Gender Neutral (It)

Influences Greek mythology, movie soundtracks, Video games (LOTS of video games), tons of the bands listed above, Spartacus, everything epic ever

I know there are a few Record Labels out there looking for good bands, well I have one right here for you. Take a listen below, have your face melted and once it solidifies back into one of Picasso’s masterpiece portraits, give them a contract so that the whole world can experience the greatness that is Ovid’s Withering!

Oh and to everyone else. . Their albums are for sale, I suggest you purchase them so that maybe one day you will be lucky enough to see them live and say Thank You!

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