Band Spotlight: Enochian Cross (Athens, GR)


Hailing from the ancient historical city of Athens, Greece, extreme-metallers Enochian Cross arrived on the metal underground scene during the winter of 2011, ready to create a little history of their own. Combining dark melodic undertones with their aggressive death metal roots, the group cites influences in genre-defining European metal bands such as In Flames, Septic Flesh, Gojira, Arch Enemy, Entombed, and Carcass to name a few. The use of the keyboards and off-kilter breakdowns offer a fresh breath of air contrary to the often-exhausting, monotonous blast-beats and cookie monster vocals found in an astounding number of death metal and “deathcore” bands new to the scene.

George Gianniotis (guitar): “Enochian Cross characterizes the Extreme Metal genre because as a bands we like to experiment with different styles of the hard sound. We try to combine different types of metal to which we are familiar individually from the whole range of metal music. Having made several live performances at various venues in Athens, a few months ago we released our first single entitled ‘Forest Of Afterlife’.”

Moving forward, Enochian Cross’ plans to “engage as many live performances we can, in order to have the opportunity to present our material to even more people – even abroad if it’s possible. In our plans there is the recording of our first album, but it’s still too early for that.”

Nevertheless, Damnation Magazine is proud to present Enochian Cross’ first single, entitled “Forest Of Afterlife”. It was released in April of 2014. It was recorded, mixed and mastered at Made In Hell Studio by David Prudent. The music video was filmed at Undergound Music Studio, directed and edited by Ioannis Psychos. Music and lyrics written by Enochian Cross.

Enochian Cross line-up:

John Didas: Vocals
Mike Kormalis: Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Thanasis Karabogias: Lead & Rhythm Guitar
George Gianniotis: Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Josh Abu Hussein: Bass Guitar
John Psarakis: Drums & Percussion


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