Asher Media Relations Presents: New Music Showcase – Protokult (Folk), ExPAIN (Thrash), and Unbeing (Instrumental)


Band Bio:

A good dose of folk metal never hurt anyone. Hailing from Eastern Europe (now living in Toronto, ON) is a five-piece outfit set to rock North America with tunes about, well, beer of course! How can you listen to folk metal and not feel like chugging a horn full of mead? Watch some live videos on YouTube and you’ll find beautiful wenches in corsets pouring beer and mead from said horns into mouths of lucky fans. So, set out on the journey of Protokult‘s new album and conquer the mountains and forests of your imagination as you discover instruments you’ve probably never heard of (I know I haven’t), such as a psaltery, zhaleika and sopilka. You’ll be glad you did.


R.I.Y.L.: Arkona, Windir, Nightwish, Turisas, Skyforger

Band Lineup:

Martin Drozd – Vocals, guitars, darbuka, jaw harp, synthesizer
Ekaterina – Soprano and traditional vocals, recorders, psaltery, zhaleika & sopilka.
Dawid Slowiak – Bass, group chants
Jeremy Jackson (Vodnik) – Guitars, group chants
Mike Matveev – Drums

Protokult – No Beer In Heaven

1. Get Me A Beer! (3:04)
2. Heaven Cast Me Out (4:04)
3. My Father’s Word (5:49)
4. Flight of The Winged Hussar (5:52)
5. Sol Intention (4:39)
6. Edge of Time (5:28)
7. Sanctuaries (2:04)
8. Desert Scourge (4:31)
9. Gorale (4:15)
10. Summer’s Ode (6:07)
11. Razbival Okovi Perun (1:26)
12. Water of Life (8:46)

Total Length: (56:12)

Hidden Tracks:
13. Brotokult (3:03)
14. We Smoke The Ganga (3:33)



Band Bio:

There are times in our lives when serious shit happens that can bring us down to near our breaking point. There are many ways to handle adversity and obstacles that threaten to take over our lives. Music is often be the most effective tool in finding the bright light in a dark situation. Expain’s debut album “Just the Tip” reminds us that releasing emotions through music should be as much fun as it is therapeutic. Nothing sets the new wave of old school thrash apart from the crowd of genres better than riff-tastic party metal. In Vancouver’s five-piece group EXPAIN you’ll find a perfect blend of thrash and progression that seamlessly bridge the gap between the neck-breaking pace of the riffs and drums. Just as the title of track 9 commands, headbang your head off!

R.I.Y.L. Thrash/Death/Punk, Black Dahlia Murder, Revocation, Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, Municipal Waste

Band Lineup:

Daniel BrandVocals
Pat PeeveGuitar
Eric MorrisonGuitar
Nikko WhitworthBass
Ryan IdrisDrums

Expain – Just The Tip

1. Bacchus (1:05)
2. Aggressions Progression (3:40)
3. Phoenix Writhing (3:19)
4. The King (5:04)
5. Don’t Worry The Worst Is Yet To Come (3:33)
6. Idol Worship (5:23)
7. Allegiance To Pain (2:18)
8. Manatee (4:58)
9. Headbang Your Head Off (2:31)
10. A.T.M. (3:44)
11. Eating A Beating Heart (4:57)

Total Length: 40:37



Band Bio:

With the surging interest and appreciation for musicianship in progressive instrumental music in today’s metal scene, more and more bands are following in the footsteps of popular groups such as Scale the Summit and Animals As Leaders, often combining their metal roots with jazzy guitar chords to create what is now known as jazz-fusion. While Unbeing may not completely fit the jazz-fusion criteria, they are certainly making a case for themselves alongside the current groups in the spotlight.

R.I.Y.L.: Scale The Summit, Animals As Leaders, Pelican, Neurosis, Dream Theater, Tesseract

Band Lineup:

Martin LabelleKeyboard
Jean-Philippe BédardDrums
Alexandre D’AmourBass
Sherif El-MaghrabyGuitar

Unbeing – Raptus

1. Rapture (3:05)
2. Batterie Faible (6:27)
3. Tetris Rufus (4:29)
4. 2nd Cup (5:55)

Total Length: 19:58


All album art, track listings, band lineups, and supplemental information are courtesy of Asher Media Relations. The band bios in this article were written by Damnation Magazine. Check out to discover more new music, interviews and promotions.

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