NEW Releases – July 22, 2014 – Fallujah, King of Asgard, Overkill, Within the Ruins


Fallujah – The Flesh Prevails (Unique Leader Records)

In the rough and tumble death metal scene, the “progressive” label has recently been placed on anything and everything that has an extra few time changes and guitar solos in between the next outburst of double bass blast beats. On their latest effort, Fallujah have taken this label and stretched it out to explore the outer limits. In 2011, just after their full-length debut The Harvest Wombs came out, a friend of mine  introduced me to them, describing them as a “death metal version of Cynic.” Listen to The Flesh Prevails, and let the atmospheric tones and progressive bridges take you on a journey through the evolution of modern technical death metal as we know it.

 KingofAsgardKing of Asgard – Karg (Metal Blade Records)

Not much comes out of Sweden that disappoints. King of Asgard‘s new album Karg is no different. A solid mix of progressive doom and viking metal offers a refreshing take on the warriors of Norse mythology.


Overkill_-_White_Devil_ArmoryOverkill – White Devil Armory  (Nuclear Blast Records)

Some more good ol’ school thrash metal from Overkill. Chug a PBR, head-bang in a windmill motion, repeat. You know the drill.


WtR-PhenomenaWithin the Ruins – Phenomena (E1 Music)

The much-anticipated follow-up release to last year’s Elite.  Beautifully mixed and mastered aggression fuses chugga-chugga riffs with “wiiindly-widdily-wiiiiindly” wanking guitar notes to create a nice 11-song collection of technical madness.  Within the Ruins have delivered the perfect album to mow the lawn to. Grab your noise-canceling headphones and cut that shit down with some poly-rhythmic groove!

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