Asher Media Relations Presents – New Music Spotlight: Hollow (Blackened Death), Norilsk (Doom), Mutank (Thrash)


Band Bio:

Hollow brings their unique blend of Symphonic Black Metal and classic Death Metal together so flawlessly in their recent release of Mordrake.  Hailing from Montreal, QC this four-piece is the soul definition of what the North American underground scene should sound like. Their unique look and high energy performances have permitted them to partake in events such as Heavy MTL as well as being the supporting act for Beyond Creation, Suffocation, 1349, Keep of Kalessin, Augury, and so many more. So do yourself a favor go pick up Hollow’s first Full Length album, Mordrake, over on iTunes or from the bands Bandcamp Page, it does not disappoint!

R.I.Y.L: Dimmu Borgir, Emperor, Cradle of Filth, Behemoth, Skeletonwitch


Band Lineup:

Jeff “Mott” Macdermott – Vocals
Eddy “Snow” Levitsky – Bass
Dave “Cadaver” Gagné – Guitar
Blake “Blaac” Lemieux – Drums


Hollow – Mordrake

1. Lament Configuration (5:02)
2. Cryptic Howling (4:13)
3. A New Life (5:32)
4. Landscape (4:47)
5. Iscariot (4:29)
6. Sunriser (4:21)
7. Vlad (3:23)
8. Anomie (3:59)
9. Snow (6:54)
10. Birth (4:45)
11. Hate (4:50)
12. Death (4:51)

Total Length: (52:53)






Band Bio:

Tired of the same old generic Metal that is coming out today? Needing something fresh and Thrashy along the likes of Havok, Metallica, Exodus, or Municipal Waste? I give you just that, presenting Mutank, coming all the way from Montreal, QC. This quartet formed when three Newfoundlanders crossed paths in the Canadian “Heavy Metal Capital” with Ahmed Saad from the Middle East. Upon months of hard work they finally were able to piece together their debut album M.E.C.H. Metal (or Middle East Coast Heavy Metal), as the drummer hails from the Middle East and the rest from the east coast of Canada.

M.E.C.H. Metal has a real old school thrash feel to it with the electric chainsaw riffs, machine-gun double bass and the “Gang Chants” throughout. There’s not much more you could possibly ask for. Check out the debut album from Mutank available on their Bandcamp page or Audio Cassette!! Yes, I said Audio Cassette, they seem to be making a comeback along with Vinyl. . only problem is you cant find a Cassette player as easily as a record player :-/. This is a definite party album, so crank it up and get drunk!!


R.I.Y.L:  D.R.I., Suicidal Tendencies (Old school), Megadeth, Metallica, Faith No More, Motorhead, Pantera, Slayer, Anthrax, Overkill, Exodus


Band Lineup:

Stephen Reynolds – Vocals and Bass
Steven Breen – Rhythm Guitar and backing vocals
Ahmed Saad – Drums
Liam Hinchey – Lead Guitar
Mutank –  M.E.C.H. Metal

1. M.E.C.H Metal (2:04)
2. MUTANK (4:03)
3. Minions (3:49)
4. W.A.R. (1:57)
5. Heavy Hand of The Doomsday Clock (3:38)
6. No Spoils, No Mercy (2:48)
7. Corporate Child (2:35)
8. Thrashback In Time (4:02)
Total Time: 25:00







Band Bio:

Naming themselves after Siberia’s northern most city, Norilsk is a two-piece Doom Metal band from Gatineau, QC that draws inspirations and  themes from Northern identity, isolation, and world demise. Combining that old school sludge/doom sound with a more modern progression, the”Japetus” EP will take you deep into the northern realm of solitude.  The EP features 2 new tracks as well as a dreary version of Voivod’s “Negatron”. This cover is only available upon purchase of the album. However, check out the other two tracks now on their Bandcamp!


R.I.Y.L. – Morne, (early) My Dying Bride, (early) Anathema, Saturnus, Isis


Band Lineup:

Nicolas Miquelon – Bass, Guitar, and Vocals
Nick Richer – Drums and back up vocals


Norilsk – Japetus

1 – Japetus (08:14)
2 – Negatron (05:43)
3 – Potsdam Glo (05:43)

EP Length: 19:41

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