About Damnation Magazine


Damnation magazine is a group of metal-head friends in the STL community that more than anything in the world want to spread the word on anything metal. We give you Photos, Videos, Reviews and more!

Saint Louis used to have a very relevant scene in the Rock/Metal community. Throughout the years while it seems to have dwindled we can assure you that it is still very active, and full of talent. Our goal is to help out the Local Scene, get word of up and coming shows, introduce you to bands you might not have heard (local and international), and just get St. Louis back on the map so bands want to come here and perform. In order to do that, we ask for your help as well.

Are you in a band
? Come to us for an interview let’s get your name out there for all around the world to see. Send us audio/video for some of your music so we can share it. Tell us about your shows, if you want we’ll make some of you Admin so you can post flyers for shows and it will be on the front page.


Are you a Promoter? Post the flyers for your shows here, again if you want we will make you an admin so they are put up on the front page. We get contacted by numerous bands asking who to talk to in order to get booked, wouldn’t it be nice if you were a part of our team and could get those messages directly?

We are tired of concerts skipping our town and going to places 4 hours out, lets bring those shows back to the STL!
Not only do we cover the rock/metal scene, but we will fill you in on upcoming movies to check out. You will get reviews on Movies, Comic Books, Music, Art and more!

Oh and did we mention we have ticket give aways to a handful of the biggest shows coming through town? Keep your eyes posted, bands are coming through constantly and we are here to help you guys get into their show!

Lastly, if it wasn’t clear before we do interviews! We have interviewed some heavy hitters including Brian Fair of Shadows Fall, Adam Jarvis of Pig Destroyer, Misery Index, Fulgora, Etc., Alexis from Straight Line Stitch and have more lined up than you can imagine. . We are only beginning! If you are in a local band we would love to spread the word about you set up an interview with us be it, online/over the phone/in person whatever, if you want a video interview we will do it!

So what are you waiting for, come like us on Facebook!! To do so either Click Here, or scroll to the top of the page to our Facebook fan listing and click Like! Oh and be sure to tell your friends 🙂

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  1. This is Kevin from Pyramids on Mars (Hamilton, ON, Canada)
    The “Joe Satriani of the North”, Melodic Instrumental Rock from the Mystical Red Planet

    First off, thank you for following me on Twitter.

    We would love to be featured in Damnation Magazine!! .

    Everything about us can be found on our EPK. *NOTE 4 MP3S ARE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD FROM THE EPK. Our hit single is “Battle for Rome”.


    Some things about Pyramids on Mars

    Regular guest on the Brian ‘the Hammer’ Jackson radio show Los Angeles (4 million listeners). And Real Rock Radio (North Dakota)
    Featured on “Extraordinary Artists” program on Radio Bobiko (Germany)
    Pyramids on Mars is featured in Fireworks Prog rock magazine (UK) Feb 2015.
    Pyramids on Mars will soon be featured in most significant UK magazines including Classic Rock, Metal Hammer, Kerrang, Classic Rock Sociey, Big Cheese, Uncut, Powerplay, and through to radio stations such Total Rock and ARFM.
    Pyramids on Mars is the spotlight artist of the Jan 2015 edition of Canadian Musician Magazine. http://canadianmusician.com/showcase/
    We have radio play in Canada, US, Brazil, UK, and Netherlands and Germany

    Looking forward to your response.

    Thanks again,

    Kevin Estrella
    Pyramids on Mars
    Music from the Mystical Red Planet



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