Review From Across the Pond: In Search of the Sun – The World Is Yours

Artist: In Search of the Sun
Album/EP Name: The World is yours
Release Date: 01-Sept-2014


Alternative Metal has really had its heyday. The early 00s was a breeding ground for every Breaking Benjamin, Three days Grace and Disturbed copies and many have seen the genre as running out of fuel. In search of the Sun brings back the massive choruses and bouncing, head-banging riffs that made Alternative metal so popular all those years ago. The band initially started out as a groove-orientated metalcore band. Since then they have evolved drastically over time to a more alternative-influenced sound.

With one EP under their belt, The World is yours marks a progression in their development in both sound and songwriting. There is such a textured palette of tones and sounds that the band has taken from and it makes the album very enjoyable. Production-wise, the al bum does sound unusually thin. All the tones are good and mixed well but it just feels very thin in terms of stereo listening. That does not diminish the performances however; raw, powerful and varied and that’s just the vocals.

In search of the Sun has put out a very convincing debut record: they retain the key alternative metal formula whilst developing it in their own way. Hopefully the band expand upon the production and structure in the next record so it gives the music the voice it deserves.


Genres: Alternative Metal

Record Label: Self-released

Sounds Like (other bands): Disturbed, Shinedown, Breaking Benjamin

One Liner Summary: Alt Metal revival!


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