Album Review: Furor Gallico – Songs From The Earth

Artist: Furor Gallico
Album: Songs From The Earth
Release Date: February 17, 2015

482552Furor Gallico is:

Davide: Growl, Scream and Clean Vocals
Luca: Guitar and Backing Vocals
Mattia: Guitar
Marco: Bass
Mirko: Drum
Paolo: Tin Whistles, Bouzouki & Bagpipes
Becky: Celtic Harp
Riccardo: Violin

One thing I will always love about Folk Metal is the use of non-traditional instruments used to create their sound(Violin/Fiddle, Bagpipes, Harps, Etc). When it comes to Folk/Celtic Metal there are certain bands one thinks of Eluveitie, Primordial, and Finntroll come to mind amongst many others. Well when you get handed album after album its hard sometimes to come across an album that really sticks out from the rest. Not that any of the albums are bad by any means, just most of the time they are bands/sounds we are familiar with. I tend to get pretty excited about music when it comes to metal, there is something rejuvenating about it. . Even more so when its a Folk Metal band. I don’t know about most of you, but I have always felt the need to get up and dance around when it comes to listening to Folk Metal. Call up a few friends and have pints of beer, granted that would be much more expected at a show than just randomly while listening to an album at home. Furor Gallico, an 8-piece Italian based Folk Metal band, was the breath of fresh air that I was looking for.

One night, during what I call “Metal Cooking With Nick” (me cooking for my girlfriend), I had decided to give the 8-piece band a shot and blasted them through my speakers. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I was unfamiliar with them before this night, but man was I pleased with what I heard! Kicking off with the title track of the album, ‘The Song of the Earth‘ starts off with a happy little violin riff from Riccardo mixed with what I am guessing is Paolo on the Tin Whistles. Its quite the beautiful intro for what is sure to be an album to rip your face off. When the song kicks in you are met with Lucco (Drums), Marco (Bass) Mattia and Luca (Guitars) just before Davide takes you through his poetic journey.

Songs that really stuck out upon my first listen were the “Power Ballad” of a song ‘Diluvio‘ which really captures a true essence of what Furor Gallico is trying to do musically. While the song doesn’t include any screaming/growling vocals they aren’t needed, Davide shows us the strength of his voice in this one, sung in the Italian language, ‘Diluvio‘ stands up against many great in craftsmanship as well as a song that will last for years. If its growls and screams you are searching for, don’t you worry, they are present throughout the album. Turn to tracks like ‘Wild Jig of Beltaine‘, ‘To The End‘ and ‘Nemàin’s Breath‘ for not only good times, but some instant folk metal classics. At times Furor Gallico is reminiscent of Eluveitie which is not necessarily a bad thing, there is always a need to have a somewhat familiar sound to the new listeners they are reaching out to. In fact there are moments in ‘Nemàin’s Breath‘ toward the end of the track that had me thinking I was listening to old school In Flames. . you know back when Anders knew how to scream.

Overall, the album is a great sophomore album. For a band that has been around for just about 8 years they are definitely on to bigger and better things. I do feel like the mixing on the album could have been slightly better. I know its hard to mix all these different sounds into something that is fluid and works well and they were close there are times when some of the lesser instruments get lost in the mix, at least to me. I am very excited for the bands future and hope they get put on many great tours as I am always down for a good Folk Metal show. I highly suggest these guys to anyone looking for a fun listening experience especially in the Folk/Celtic genre, they are sure to keep you wanting more!

R.I.Y.L. Eluveitie, Primordial, Elvenking, Arkona

Track Listing:

  1.  The Song of the Earth
  2. Nemàin’s Breath
  3. Wild Jig Of Beltaine
  4. La Notte Dei Cento Fuochi
  5. Diluvio
  6. Squass
  7. Steam Over the Mountain
  8. To The End
  9. Eremita

Total Play Time: Approx. 50 min

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