Video Interview: Scott Hedrick (Guitar) and Evan Linger (Bass) of Skeletonwitch

Matt Albers w/ Scott Hedrick of SkeletonWitch
Matt Albers w/ Scott Hedrick of SkeletonWitch

After FIVE long months of missing equipment, software issues, overheating laptop and busy schedules we’ve FINALLY finished the Skeletonwitch interview we shot October 29, 2014 at The Pageant just after their set opening for Sabaton and Amon Amarth. Topics covered on that fateful 29th night of October include the band’s writing/recording process; advice on how to avoid getting robbed while on tour; Evan’s Twitter feud with The BareNaked Ladies; the pros/cons of crowd-funding campaigns & social media; and what the band would like to accomplish in the near future. \m/

*This interview was conducted during a leg of the tour in which Skeletonwitch vocalist Chance Garnette was unable to perform and returned home while the remaining four members continued to perform each date as an instrumental act. Damnation Magazine was requested by the band’s promotion to avoid any questions regarding the matter.*


NICK LICATA – Photographer, Writer/Editor
STEVE KRUCZYK – Video Editor, Writer
MATT ALBERS – Producer/Host, Writer/Editor
ANGEL KRAMER – Graphic Artist
SEAN MULLINS – Graphic Artist

The NEW Damnation 2015 logo shown in the very beginning, the very end, and used as a bug on photos taken by Nick Licata, was designed and drawn by the P.j. Scoggins of Necrotic Records.

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