Photo Album: In Flames & All That Remains

For my, Nick’s, birthday on May 1st I wanted to celebrate the right way, hanging with friends and going to a metal show! The day started off right by going to see the new Avengers: Age of Ultron, which by the way kicked major ass and you need to go see it NOW!! After the movie we headed to Vintage Vinyl (a local Record Store in St. Louis) to meet the one and only Andrew W.K.!! He had a show at the Firebird that night, but a few weeks prior In Flames and All That Remains had announced a show on the same day at Pop’s Nightclub. It was a tough decision, but in the end I had decided to go to the meet n greet and then rock out with some of my favorite Swede’s In Flames! Matt of Damnation was kind enough to get me a Photo Pass for my birthday through All That Remains, which there will be an interview posted later from them, so keep an eye out for that! So, I got to see a great movie with friends, met Andrew W.K., had dinner with friends and my lady, and then rocked the fuck out with a few hundred of my “closest friends”. . AND I have photographic proof below! Check out my images and tell me what you think!


Sad to say that I missed most of the Local openers Final Drive act due to hanging with Andrew W.K and eating a good meal, but there are a few for them. . Unfortunately it was a short song that I photographed so I will have to try and see them again! ENJOY!

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