Photo Album: 36 Crazyfists

It had been nearly 8 years since I last saw the Alaskan quartet melt faces. They were opening up for In Flames and Gojira back then, today it was a solo show with a couple of local acts, in a much more intimate setting! I had to close that night so I got there a little late but was able to catch the tail end of the last local act, missed their name (wasn’t big on their sound either) but once they were done it was time for the powerful 36 Crazyfists to take stage! I gotta hand it to these guys, I loved their music back in the day and (well I still love it now), but I wasn’t sure how long they were going to last. That is of course until they took stage and showed me song after song as to why they are still around and prominent in the underground metal scene. The crowd was NUTS for these guys, Im a fan but some of these guys were FANS!! The main reason I was there other than to rock out is because we had done an interview with them earlier in the night (before I got there) and we had a photo pass. . So you’ll see the photos below. Never have I seen a performance like this though, sure there were a few changes in the lineup, at least from what I could tell there was a new drummer (Kyle Baltus), but their presence was relentless and vocalist Brock was calling people out like they were long lost friends! It was amazing, not to mention it was great to hear some of their old classics mixed up with new songs from the recently released, “Time and Trauma.”

Needless to say the show made for some great photo ops, however since I didn’t want to use my external flash (as I know it can be blinding to the band), mostly because I didn’t get permission to do so. . couldn’t find any of the band members before the show. . . some of my greater moments got lost in a blurred photo. But, of what I captured I feel like I was able to get the emotion that was put out by the band and as always am happy to share it with you all! So check out my photos below and let me know what you think!




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