Photo Album: SepticFlesh @ The Riot Room, Kansas City

A month or two ago we were contacted by Prosthetic Records about covering a show at the Riot Room. That show was the Conquerers of the World tour Pt. III featuring SepticFlesh as the headliner, Moonspell as the co-headliner and Deathstars as the opening act. Now seeing as this show was so far off we thought nothing about it for a while, well that can turn around and bite you, however this time it was for the good! 3 days before the show we get an email confirming our spots on the guest list and I am thinking Oh SHIT. . did we say we would do this show?? Well it worked out that Steve is off on weekends and this fell on a Sunday so he was able to get out there for the interview. I unfortunately had to work so it was a tougher decision, but the closer the day drew the more I knew I just had to go see SepticFlesh and Moonspell or I would live to regret it. So very last minute as I was watching the original Mad Max movie with my lovely girlfriend, steve popped over to grab the voice recorder for the interview and was able to talk me into going, well they both did!

So the very next day I work my short 12-5 shift and make way toward KC. . now a few minutes prior to my leaving its a Shitstorm out there and I am a little concerned as I am driving alone for about 3 and a half hours and it could possibly be doing this for the better half of that drive. As soon as I finish closing up the store the rain stops! I arrive at KC’s Riot Room around 8:30 expecting a HUGE venue or at least somewhat of a decent sized venue as there are TONS of shows booked there. When I walked in I was shocked and even more excited to see that the venue was actually fairly small (if there is more to the venue that I don’t know about that has yet to be determined). Regardless of where you stood in the venue it was a good spot you were either by the bar or if actually on the floor by the stage you were at most of 20ft away from the band!

Now I had gotten there just in time to catch Deathstars and needless to say, I get the whole glam, doom, hot topic metal scene. . but I wasn’t really having it they were good not great, think H.I.M but with some harsh vocals from time to time. Regardless Steve, Sean and I watched about 3 songs and went to an unknown area of the venue. . . the out door bar?? What a great idea, they were actually setting up another stage for a dj set or something. . we didn’t stay to see as there were good band coming on. You could still hear the bands as there was nothing going on yet so we still heard the rest of the Deathstars set. Up next were Portuguese Doom Metal act Moonspell, and fuck me what a show!! They were everything I anticipated them to be and more, unfortunately we weren’t allowed to photograph during their set. Well we could have and I got a couple with my phone but I didn’t want to disrespect the word of Gunnar the man that got us our press passes so I stood there in awe as I watched the Portuguese metallers doom and gloom and melt faces! I was able to snag their Setlist and being they were celebrating 23 years as a band it covered the spectrum of their career!! Needless to say if they come to a town near you, do yourselves a favor and go to that show!

After their set it was time to prepare for that which is SepticFlesh from Greece! I had seen them once before opening Devin Townsend alongside Obscura and what a show that was!! But, I had yet to witness a true headlining set from the four piece and well all I can say is, What and experience it was! All they had to do was play the first note of the first song of the set and the crowd ERUPTED!! Non-stop action from the pit the entire set which was well deserved as the Greek Metal masters controlled them with their angst and power. I got some awesome shots of Set (vocals) and Fotis (Drums) however the lighting was not great enough for me to get quality photos of Christos (Guitar) and Sotiris (Guitar), however I am extremely happy with what I was able to capture out of all the chaos and I am sure you will enjoy as you look through them below! Also, be on the look out for our interview with Christos from earlier in the night. . I wasn’t there for it so I am as anxious as you all are! Once again enjoy!



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